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MSI 2021 on Trovo: Earn in-game rewards with your Pick’em predictions and more

As part of alliance with Riot Games, the streaming platform will give lots of prizes for all viewers through many contests and interactive events.
MSI 2021 on Trovo: Earn in-game rewards with your Pick’em predictions and more

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is just around the corner, and with all the teams ready for battle, is just a matter of time for all fans of the game to watch their favorite teams try to break out the Rift and become the MSI champions.

As part of this event and in collaboration with Riot Games, Trovo has revealed some of the interactive experiences they will offer through the live broadcasts of the MSI 2021, giving away lots of in-game content, as well as monetary prizes and Elixir to use on their streaming platform.

MSI 2021 on Trovo: Pick’em Predictions

msi pickem
(Picture: Riot Games)

A good old event originated from the Worlds season, players from around the world will be able to choose which teams will advance through the different stages of the MSI. This will be active on 1-9th May, 2021, UTC.

To enter, all viewers will have to submit their predictions through the event’s website, filling out the graph with every team which will advance to the next rounds.

The viewers who predict fully correct all the outcomes of the MSI 2021, will get a share of the $ 10,000 USD prize pool. The Winners List will be announced after the MSI finals have concluded.

Also, viewers will be able to win up to $ 5,000 USD worth of Elixir (similar to the bits on Twitch) by making the right predictions of the Rumble and Knockout Stages before each round begins.

MSI 2021 on Trovo: Pick Your Team

trivo msi
(Picture: Riot Games)

To give a little flair to your profile and Trovo account, players can choose the team they want to support during MSI and receive a special team hat decoration and mana spells for free.

For this, you just have to enter the Riot Games’ Trovo channel, click the ‘Pick’ button and the team you will support. You can extend the duration of your team hat decoration by 24 hours and receive an additional 10 MSI Coins bonus just by completing the daily watching tasks.

But take note, as if you choose another team along the way, the hat decoration expiration will be reset.

MSI 2021 on Trovo: MSI Fortune Spin

msi spin to win

By watching and completing tasks, you can earn MSI Coins that you can use to draw a number of rewards including LoL Epic and Mystery Skins, Hextech chests and keys, and MSI Elixir Spells.

Each day new tasks will be available, which you can earn and claim by watching the MSI live, sharing the broadcast, and doing MSI related activities like the ones we showed you before.

Every 50 MSI-Coins you earn can be used for a lucky draw, where you can win several fancy gifts, so make sure you link your Riot account first to receive the in-game drops won through the Fortune Spin.

MSI 2021 on Trovo: MSI Item Drops

msi item drops
(Picture: Riot Games)

During the MSI event period, viewers will have a chance to open the Treasure Box by finishing all the tasks every game day, where you can win free mystery skins. The skins will be distributed to those who have opened the treasure boxes randomly up to a maximum of 100 skins per box.

As before, make sure you link your Riot account first to receive the in-game drops you won.

MSI 2021 on Trovo: Best Clips Contest

Finally, from May 6 to May 23 you can post your best clips on Twitter within two days after the end of each stage, adding the “@TrovoEsports_”. The clips with more than 10 likes will have a chance to win $ 50 USD, while all entrants will be reviewed by the Trovo team.

All the MSI 2021 on Trovo events will run from 5-23rd May, 2021, during the whole duration of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational.