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Who Is LoL Mystery Champion: I Will Teach Them To Fear Me

If you want to know who the mystery champion is from a single line of dialogue, we've got the answers you need!
Who Is LoL Mystery Champion: I Will Teach Them To Fear Me

Currently, there are a ton of mystery Champion-related missions in League of Legends. Players will have to guess a Champion based on a quote alone. One such quote is the LoL mystery Champion I will teach them to fear me. Players must decipher what Champion speaks this line (across all of their skins) and then play a game with that Champion on their team (played by either themselves or a teammate). 

So, if you want to know the answer to the LoL mystery Champion I will teach them to fear me; you've come to the right place!

Who Is The LoL Mystery Champion: I Will Teach Them To Fear Me

Aatrox is the mystery champion I will teach them to fear me. (Picture: Riot Games)

Many Champions reference fear or being feared through their dialogue. This line is definitely referencing an imposing Champion who can intimidate enemies simply by existing near them. Champions like Nocturne, Darius, and Swain are all good guesses, but you may not be thinking evil enough.

In fact, the LoL mystery Champion I Will Teach Them To Fear Me is Aatrox. Aatrox is one of very few Darkin in League of Legends, a species described as "corrupted God-Warriors who were traumatized by the horrors of the Void War as well as self-infliction by the use of blood magic."

However, in the 2023 Season video released for League of Legends earlier this year, Riot Games did hint that more Darkin Champions are on the way this year, so hopefully, Aatrox will have some more comrades joining him shortly. 

Aatrox is one of three Darkin Champions. (Picture: Riot Games)

All you need to do to complete this mission is, as mentioned, play a game with Aatrox on your team. You can either play Aatrox yourself or have a teammate play Aatrox, and the mission will be completed just the same. 

Obviously, this is a little tricky to do in a ranked game unless you are lucky enough to match up with an Aatrox player. However, there are no restrictions about jumping into a game against A.I. as Aatrox and playing out a short game versus bots. This will allow you to complete the missions very quickly and very easily. 

These mystery Champion missions have been a lot of fun so far and have been quite taxing for those who try to figure out the answers without checking online. Hopefully, Riot will see the player engagement from these types of missions and continue to do more lore and dialogue-based missions like these in the future!