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LoL Mystery Champion: Why Because I Can

If you want to know who the mystery champion is from a single quote, we've got the answers you need!
LoL Mystery Champion: Why Because I Can

Currently, several mystery Champion-based missions are occurring in League of Legends to kick off the new year and the new 2023 season. Essentially, players will be given a small snippet of lore about a Champion, usually a single line of dialogue, and from that, have to deduce what Champion could possibly have uttered those words. With hundreds of Champions in the game and even more lines of dialogue, this is no easy task, even for the most seasoned of LoL players. One such quote is the LoL mystery Champion why because I can

So, if you are stumped about who this mystery champion could be, look no further! We'll be explaining exactly who the LoL mystery champion why because I can is, and how you can complete the mission once you know!

Who Is The LoL Mystery Champion: Why Because I Can?

League of Legends
The LoL mystery champion why because I can is Katarina. (Picture: Riot Games)

This is a very cocky and arrogant quote, so your mind may immediately race to Champions like Draven, Jinx, Vi, Sett, or any other character with an inflated ego. However, for such a simple quote, the likelihood of this being a newer Champion decreases ever so slightly. We'll have to go way back to League of Legends' inception for this one!

Yes, in fact, the LoL mystery champion why because I can is Katarina. Having undergone a major rework since her initial release, several Katarina mains dropped the Champion as they didn't gel with her new kit. However, this spawned an entirely new generation of Katarina players with, arguably, far more skill than the previous. As an older Champion, Katarina's dialogue is short, sweet, and to the point, so there is no shame in forgetting this somewhat forgettable quote. 

League of Legends
Play a game with Katarina to complete the mission! (Picture: Riot Games)

All you have to do to complete the mission is play a single game with Katarina on your team. This can be done either by playing Katarina yourself or by having a teammate play as Katarina. Naturally, it will be difficult to go into a ranked game and find the exact Katarina trick you are looking for. So, it is recommended to go into a game versus A.I. bots and steamroll them with Katarina to complete the mission far more quickly. 

The LoL mystery champion missions have been a blast so far and a really great way for veterans to test their League of Legends knowledge. Hopefully, Riot continues to do more missions like this in the future that cater to lore-heads!