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League Of Legends new champion Aphelios’ abilities revealed by Riot Games

Riot Games has released more details about new League Of Legends champion Aphelios, along with a new trailer to feast your eyes upon.
League Of Legends new champion Aphelios’ abilities revealed by Riot Games

After confirming the existence of Aphelios as the next champion, the developer has pulled back the curtain on the abilities in store – describing the newbie as possessing “one of the highest skill ceilings in the game”. 

Essentially, Aphelios is complicated. The new champion cycles through five weapons he’ll be able to use, each with its own basic attack. He carries two of these weapons at once, attacks with his main-hand weapon, but can switch to his off-hand weapon by pressing W.  

You won’t be able to choose which weapons Aphelios wields however at any given time. Each of the weapons carry 50 ammo each, and when one runs out, the next one in the list is cycled into the slot. Empty weapons go to the back of the line to recharge. 

There is some strategy, however, in the ability to switch between your main and off-hand weapon, which means the weapon cycle order can change as the match goes on.  

Each of these five weapons also has a Q ability when equipped as a main weapon, with different bonus attacks and effects triggered depending which weapon is in the off-hand slot. All five of these abilities cost mana and ammo to use, along with having their own cooldown. 

Outside of the weapons, Aphelios has technically only two abilities in his Q and ultimate. His ultimate is Moonlight Vigil – a moon bomb which explodes when it hits another champion and also damages nearby enemies. After using his ultimate, Aphelios can also shoot enemies caught in the blast with enhanced auto attacks.

Aphelios has a five weapon cycle (Picture: Riot Games)

The weapons cycle once ammo depletes (Picture: Riot Games) 

The five weapons Aphelios can use are a Calibrum rifle, scythe pistol Severum, cannon Gravitum, flamethrower Infernum and chakram Crescendum.  

To help keep track of all these different abilities and weapons, there’s also a custom HUD for the character – showing you which weapon is in rotation, the remaining ammo and more.  

Aphelios is certainly a highly complex champion, but it’ll be interesting to see the tricks players will be able to pull off with such a versatile arsenal. You can check out full details of the champion here

Aphelios: Weapon Of The Faithful is set to be released on 11 December.