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New competitive mode to debut with Season of Fortune in Legends of Runeterra

The debut of Gauntlet, rank reset, cosmetic rewards, and balance changes will shake things up with Patch 1.4.
New competitive mode to debut with Season of Fortune in Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra players will be pleased to know that Riot Games is preparing a big update set to be released on June 24th when the Season of Fortune will kick off, signifying the start of LoR's second season since the game officially released.

With Patch 1.4, fans will be introduced to a whole new game mode, Gauntlets, which will go live a couple of days after the season starts, on the 26th.

According to a developer update on the game's official blog, Gauntlet's are described as "limited-time competitive modes with unique deckbuilding rules. They will go live every weekend for about four days total, with weekly swaps between formats in the rotation."

The first one will focus on standard deckbuilding rules just to test the waters, however, Singleton, the second Gauntlet set to release on July 3rd, will task players with creating a deck using only one copy of a card they desire.


Legends of Runeterra patch 1.4 update 1.4 v1.4 Legends of runeterra compettiive mode
Legends of Runeterra is to get a new competitive mode. (Picture: Riot Games)


If you participate in a given Gauntlet you'll receive a special icon for that event, and if you manage to get seven wins in a row, an exclusive Gauntlet Conqueror Icon will be waiting for those that, well, conquer the challenge.

As a new season starts, there will be a reset rank across all tiers. Here's a quick rundown of what players from each tier can expect:

  • Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions). 
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Depending on your season-high rank, you'll unlock a special icon to commemorate your achievements.


Legends of Runeterra 1.6
(Picture: Riot Games)

Previously, Riot Games delivered fans a massive roadmap detailing plans for further card expansions up until December 2021, and while no new cards will be available with Patch 1.4, the devs closed out with features we can expect shortly with Patches 1.5 and 1.6.


legends of runetrerra 1.6
(Picture: Riot Games)

On July 8th, Labs, an experimental mode with twists on the classic Legends of Runeterra experience, will make its way to the live game. With Patch 1.6, LoR's first in-game event will debut. The event will have a central theme and feature "a new Lab, special quests, personalization items, and more."

We'll keep you updated once the detailed patch notes for the 1.4 update hit the game. Will they nerf Unyielding Spirit? We can only hope so.