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What is One for All in League of Legends?

The unique limited-time mode One for All has returned to League of Legends servers once again to coincide with the Galaxies 2020 event.
What is One for All in League of Legends?

Alongside the usual modes on Summoner's Rift, ARAM and Teamfight Tactics that saw the launch of its space-themed third set, One for All has now dropped on all League of Legends servers.

For those who have not played One for All before, it is fairly simple compared to other limited-time modes such as Ultra Rapid Fire and Legend of the Poro King.

A ban phase allows all players to ban a champion from the pool as usual before a pick phase that doesn't work like a usual draft.


Each player can pick a champion that they would prefer. If no champion has a strict majority, a random champion will be drawn from the pool with all teammates being put onto copies of that same champion.

You can still use different runes and spells so can build the same champion in different ways across the team to allow for optimised builds geared towards looser roles in One for All.

If you own a skin for the champion, you can select it as normal to differentiate between the other four versions. Due to the chaotic nature of One for All, you are unlikely to have a designated jungler but instead have two champions playing top or mid.


There is a reward to be earned for winning an One for All match or playing three matches overall as part of the Galaxies 2020 event that is also live now.

You can take part in the event by picking a side for Lux between ambition and duty that link to new Cosmic and Dark Cosmis Lux skins that were released in Patch 10.6.

Missions require players to complete tasks such as get minion kills, takedowns or simply playing numerous games to earn Galaxies 2020 Tokens that can be redeemed for rewards. These include Prestige Points, Little Legends Eggs, Chromas and the Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition skin that comes with an icon and border for 2000 Galaxies Tokens.

The Malphite skin is one of many Prestige Edition skins that were teased at the start of this year. Other champions that will be getting Prestige Edition skins are Lucian, Zyra and Zoe while champions that have been lacking skins such as Ornn, Trundle, Xerath and Skarner will also see new releases in 2020.