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Owner and CEO of RED Canids is sanctioned for toxic behaviour

Felippe "Fekz" Corradini, co-owner of current CBLOL champions RED Canids, was suspended and fined due to toxic comments.
Owner and CEO of RED Canids is sanctioned for toxic behaviour

The CBLOL community stands out for being one of the strongest in terms of fandom and reach compared to other regions, is one of the most-watched League of Legends tournaments with the greatest growth in recent years.

Due to this, many of its players and staff tend to carry all the pressure when competing on stage, so the teams become targets of criticism and insults for having poor results. Although it’s common to hear these from their followers, it’s rare to see this type of comment from the team managers.

This time we have to talk about one of those cases, as Riot confirmed that Felippe "Fekz" Corradini, owner and CEO of RED Canids, was suspended from the league due to his toxic behaviour. In addition, the organization was fined R$5,000 and received a warning based on the tournament regulations.

Fekz charges against his and Flamengo Esports’ players

The punishment came as, during a Twitch stream by Eidi "eSa" Yanagimachi, a retired player and content creator for Flamengo Esports, Corradini revealed a series of offensive comments against this team and towards his own players, which soon reached ears on Riot.

Corradini, seeing his mistake, immediately took to his social networks and tried to defend himself, claiming that he did it as a joke, but it was already too late.

The team in charge of the CBLOL decided to take action on the matter, and after a few hours, they made known their position and the final decision, showing zero tolerance towards these comments.

“We expect team members to maintain friendly and respectful behaviour in and out of the game, and we cannot tolerate offensive language of any kind. This type of conduct is considered serious and violates both the 2022 Season Rules and the League of Legends Code of Conduct,” the CBLOL clarified in their official statement.

Because Corradini is registered as a backup player, the suspension will extend through four games in which he will not be able to make decisions on both the main roster and its academy.

RED Canids
RED Canids currently stands as the team to beat in the CBLOL, following the victory at the Split 2 Finals. (Picture: RED Canids)

After knowing the sanction, he reiterated in his personal account that it was only a joke, and then apologized to those affected.


Featured image courtesy of RED Canids.