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All of the new Patch 10.2 skins including Dragonslayer Olaf

The new additions to the Guardians of the Sands line join new Dragonslayer skins now available in League of Legends.
All of the new Patch 10.2 skins including Dragonslayer Olaf

A total of eight new skins will be coming to League of Legends as revealed in the Patch 10.2 notes.

Neither collection is new but these additions grow pre-existing skin lines from LoL history and show that Riot Games has not forgotten about older lore created around earlier skins.

The full set of skins with their official splash art can be found below:


Guardians of the Sands Janna, Rengar and Ryze

Release date: 22th January 2020

Cost: 1350 RP each


While champions already in this line such as Skarner and Xerath have been lacking skins in recent times, one of their lines will now see three new champions.

Janna, Rengar and Ryze will receive their own Guardians of the Sands skins in this patch.

Rather than a Guardian himself, Rengar is in fact a Tomb Raider.

"An assassin of a forgotten order long thought dead, Rengar prowls the tombs, retrieving ancient relics of power for purposes unknown. Far more alarming, he appears to be hunting guardians, his blades enchanted to pierce their ancient magic and defenses…"


Release date: 30th January 2020

Cost: 1350 RP each

Diana and Olaf


There is a shared splash art for Diana and Olaf's Dragonslayer skins added in this patch.

Both champions are depicted as fierce hunters of dragons with relentless and savage desires to slay the beasts.

In line with her original lore as the Scorn of the Moon, Diana challenges those that hide in the night.

"Legends tell of a special breed of dragons ravaging the countryside who can hide under the veil of nightshade. While other dragonslayers may think twice about challenging such dangerous foes, Diana dives in head first—her blade and armor forged from the very remains of these ghastly draconic beasts."

Olaf is not afraid to challenge draconic creatures himself, seeking to eradicate every last one of them from the world.

"A savage berserker from the hinterlands, Olaf sought a warrior's death in slaying dragons. One by one, the horrid beasts fell to his axe, and rumors even tell of him consuming the heart of a dragon he beheaded. Truth is, this act has only fanned the fire of his rage, driving him to bring about the end of dragons."



The third Dragonslayer added in Patch 10.2 is Trundle.

While the champion itself has seen changes in the patch, with movement speed buffs to Frozen Domain and increased slow effect from his Pillar of Ice, this skin marks the first Trundle skin in many years.

The biography for this skin explains why Trundle has turned slayer of dragons.

"The king of a clan of giant trolls, Trundle is a revered dragonslayer. Blessed with the ability to command the raw power of mountain ice, he defends his realm from death and destruction. Over the ages, surviving trolls have looked up to him as their fearsome leader in this world torn asunder by dragon fire."