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Riot Games Unveils Redesigned Worlds 2022 Summoner's Cup

Riot Games has unveiled the newest, redesigned Worlds 2022 Summoner's Cup, a bespoke creation of it and Tiffany and Co.
Riot Games Unveils Redesigned Worlds 2022 Summoner's Cup

After revealing Riot Games’ partnership with Tiffany & Co, last 18th August 2022, the game development and publishing company unveiled its newest, redesigned League of Legends (LoL) World Championship Summoner’s Cup yesterday. This news is exciting for competing teams across regional tournaments, as the succeeding players will get to play at Worlds 2022 this year for a newly-designed trophy, courtesy of Riot Games and Tiffany & Co.

On 30th August 2022, Riot Games posted the upgrade Summoner’s Cup on Twitter and various other videos on YouTube, including the announcement and process with making the trophy. “A new era for LoL Esports has arrived,” with the Summoners Cup looking much modern and sleek compared to previous iterations of the trophy. 

Riot Games Reveals Redesigned Summoner’s Cup

riot games tiffany and co redesign lol esports summoners cup
Riot Games have partnered with Tiffany and Co. to redesign LoL Esports' Summoner's Cup.

Riot Games revealed its partnership with Tiffany & Co. a little while ago. The luxury jewelry designing company previously worked with them to create the LoL Pro League Silver Dragon Cup last year. And now, it’s only recently collaborated to redesign the prestigious Summoner’s Cup awarded at its grand championship.

The Summoner’s Cup is a “bespoke creation between LoL Esports and Tiffany & Co.’s expert artisans from the legendary luxury jeweler’s Holloware workshop.” The trophy will be awarded to the crowned team at Worlds 2022 on 5th November. 

redesigned summoners cup awarded team worlds 2022
The redesigned Summoner's Cup will be awarded to the crown team at Worlds 2022.

Compared to the previous Summoner’s Cup design, this one looks more polished, simplistic, and modern. Riot Games set out to “honor the past while celebrating the next chapter of LoL Esports” through this newly-made version of the trophy. 

“Made of sterling silver, fine silver, stainless steel, brass, and wood, the Summoner’s Cup weighs 44 pounds and stands approximately 27 inches. The modern design was brought to life over a span of four months totaling 277 hours, by Holloware workshop craftspersons.”

redesigned summoners cup feature winning teams
The redesigned Summoner's Cup features all the teams that won the grand LoL championship.

Additionally, all the champions throughout the years the world championship has been running have been engraved into the redesigned Summoner’s Cup to honor the previous winners. This feature adds a sense of fulfillment for crowned players, as they’ll get their names etched into such a prestigious and timeless trophy.

The Summoner’s Cup will make its physical debut at Worlds 2022. But for those who’re not superhuman esports athletes or attending the grand championship, the trophy will “make its way onto Summoner's Rift as part of the 12.18 patch release going live on September 20. Players will spot the trophy in the top lane during gameplay.”

For a closer look into the craftsmanship beyond the newly-redesigned Summoner’s Cup, take a look above.

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All featured images are courtesy of Riot Games.