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League of Legends
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Riot deactivates LoL pro players accounts due to inflated MMR issues

This will be effective for all competitive Riot accounts created on or after 7th January.

Over the last few weeks, many accounts of professional League of Legend players had issues with inflated MMR.

The reason for this was the imbalance due to the change in how the ranked system works, which has caused players to reach high ranks without having many wins.

This led to many users on Reddit, as well as on social networks, complaining about this, because the pro players accounts started from a higher rank, in addition to receiving too many PL compared to what other players normally receive.

Due to this, Riot announced today that all of these accounts created after January 7th will be deactivated, due to the fact that all accounts created after this date have the same problem.

However, Riot has also worked on a fix, providing players with new accounts with a corrected MMR, to ensure game integrity in ranked queues.

At the moment, some of these accounts have already begun to be delivered back to the players, while some have published their reactions to this decision.