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League of Legends
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Riot Games reportedly working on a League of Legends cinematic universe

The League of Legends universe will be expanded far beyond the confines of the games with Riot’s incursion into the film industry.
Being one of the largest franchises in the video game and esports industry, League of Legends has become the topic of conversation for many players around the world thanks to its vast universe, its impact within the competitive scene, and the multiple audiovisual projects launched in recent years based on it.

From many cinematics as part of introductions of new champions, musical collaborations with world-class artists, an animation series in development, and even a book and comic series launched, Riot Games has dabbled in many different mediums with its renowned MOBA.

And it seems that another one will be added to the list, since according to several reports and job offers found on the Riot’s official website, the California-based company plans to venture into the silver screen, with the production of a cinematic universe based on the League of Legends lore.

league of legends cinematic universe
(Picture: Riot Games)

According to the listings on the site, Riot Games is looking for candidates for Global Head of Live Action TV and Global Head of Live Action Film, both based in the city of Los Angeles, California, where the Riot's main studios.

“As the gaming landscape continues to collide with entertainment, we're building a new team to bring Riot's IPs to players around the world in new ways, and invite new audiences into the fold.”

“This team will imagine and develop custom IP experiences and products that deepen players 'and fans' connections to the universe we've created. In collaboration with teams across the organization, this team will aim to show players and the world that entertainment now starts with games."