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Riot introduces Nami, Skarner, and others to the Cosmic skin line

League of Legends is introducing a few more champions to its Cosmic skin line. Previous champions to be a part of this theme include Lulu, Master Yi, Lux, and Rakan. Now players can expect to see other favorite picks for the upcomic PBE cycle.
Riot introduces Nami, Skarner, and others to the Cosmic skin line

The next League of Legends PBE preview includes new skins for Nami, Anivia, Illaoi, and more. The Cosmic theme has been around for quite some time, and Riot Games has plans to continue the celestial skin line to other popular champions.

Each champion will have the chance to transform into blue and purple hues with new mystical visual effects. Unlike its counterpart, Dark Star, the Cosmic line introduces constellations, stars, space, and light to all champions who carry it. 

Cosmic Skarner is designed in light blue colors, with gold trim around its claws. Vladimir is also featured in the theme, as his usual blood pool gets replaced with a purple and indigo constellation effect. 

Hecarim’s version of the skin has a fun backing animation, as he stoically poses before heading back to base. Nidalee, Anivia, and Illaoi follow in a similar direction, with Illaoi’s tentacles causing sharp rays of light. Cosmic Nami presents a fun dance at her backing, and so do Varus and Lissandra. It also seems that Riot has given her a complete makeover as she sports a new hairstyle and staff. Alongside their Cosmic skins, these champions will receive new splash art. However, there’s no word yet as to whether Riot will introduce new sets of icons or other accessories upon going live.

League of Legends cosmic skins(Photo: Riot Games)

Additionally, Soraka will also receive a Prestige skin. This cosmetic was promised by Riot a few months ago, stating they will release a new version of an old skin. In this case, it’s an upgraded version of her Star Guardian theme. Her upgrade reveals new visual effects as well as gold and yellow hues all around.

These skins will be hitting PBE cycle 10.24 soon. Players can expect to see these changes go live by mid-December.