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Riot releases new champion Yone's abilities and video showcasing his history

Yone is about to make a difference in Summoner’s Rift with his deadly kit.
Riot releases new champion Yone's abilities and video showcasing his history

A lot of people are awaiting League of Legends’ new champion, Yone, as the brother of another popular hero, Yasuo. In the past few days, there were a lot of discussions about Yone’s potential, with some claiming he will outshine Lilliana, who was released last week.


Yone League of Legends character reveal lol Yone
(Picture: Riot Games)


Surely, the talk about how good new champion may turn out to be is set to heat up again, as we now know his abilities.



You can easily see, that his kit is quite similar to Yasuo’s. His Q also thrusts his blade forward and stacks up as well. Using it with two stacks won’t make Yone create a tossing hurricane, but will make him dash forward, with a wave that makes enemies airborne. At first sight, it looks like Yasuo’ Q and E combined.

His W and E abilities will make him quite sustainable in the lane, with the first one allowing for easy wave clear and giving him a temporary shield. The second one will make the samurai enter his Spirit Form for a few seconds. When he comes back, he’ll deal a percentage of the damages he dealt in it. 

As usual, the most interesting is his ultimate ability, Fate Sealed. By using it Yone will strike all enemies in his path forward, knocking everyone up towards him and blinking the last one.

Such rich kit perfectly plays with his passive, that causes every second attack to deal more magic damage and doubles his critical strike chance. Although, for it to not be too overpowered, the game devs decided to have Yone’s critical strikes deal reduced damage. 

Alongside abilities reveal, Riot also shed some light on champion’s history, by releasing a new lore video. It shows how Yasuo and his brother have long been in a bitter battle, with their epic duel ultimately ending up in Yone’s death.



Even though it’s 10 minutes long, it doesn’t show us many details about the dual-wielding samurai. His motives, goals and how he came back to life still remain a mystery, hinting there is likely much more to learn about Yone yet.