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Riot reveals Ultimate Spellbook mode as part of Ruination’s arrival to LoL

Ultimate Spellbook, a new game mode for Legends of Legends is set to be released with the arrival of the Ruination to the Rift.
Riot reveals Ultimate Spellbook mode as part of Ruination’s arrival to LoL

As the arrival of the Black Mist to League of Legends approaches, several details have begun to be revealed about the special event with which the Ruination will be present inside the Summoner's Rift.

While several assets related to a drastic change within the game were recently leaked, including new sound effects and textures themed around the Ruined King, today Riot has revealed through Reddit a new special game mode that will be available starting today in the PBE.

Ultimate Spellbook splashart(Picture: Surrender at 20)

Hannah “HBBONG” Lee, Riot's Product Lead on the Modes team, has led the charge in revealing the first details about this new game mode, which is expected to bring a bit of chaos to the Rift by making unexpected twists to the Ultimate abilities of many champions.

League of Legends' Ultimate Spellbook game mode

The Ultimate Spellbook mode will take place inside the Ruined Rift, counting with a blind pick queue and all champions in the game enabled. However, the novelty will come with the addition of a new Ultimate Placeholder, which will replace one of the Summoner Spells slots.

Once loaded into the game, players will have 30 seconds to pick from one of three random Ultimates, chosen from a pool of 39 champions. However, if you get to choose one of the featured champions before the match, you won’t be able to choose its Ultimate. You can take a look at the full list of champions within Reddit's announcement.

Ultimate Spellbook Rift(Picture: Surrender at 20)

Afterwards, the Ultimate you choose will remain for the rest of the game, enabled after its initial 135-second cooldown, meaning you can use it even if you are not at level six. Another big twist will come with their scaling, as the Ults that scale with AD now also scale with AP, and vice versa.

Ult-ernate Summoner Spells will also benefit from Summoner Spell haste, and besides, the pace of this game mode will be similar to that of One for All, so players will start the game at level three with more starting gold, along with increased passive XP and resources.

Finally, and as you could see from the assets revealed from the Ruination, the Elemental Drakes will not be present in the game, as these will be replaced by Mordekaiser's old drake, an epic monster with a faster spawn time, and new bonuses to help you during the game.

Ultimate Spellbook Mordekaiser dragon(Picture: Surrender at 20)

Ultimate Spellbook mode will be available in League of Legends during patch 11.14, and as said earlier, you can already try it thanks to the PBE servers.


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