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Riot teases new champion updates in upcoming 10.20 patch for League of Legends

A few of the planned nerfs have left some players dissatisfied.
Riot teases new champion updates in upcoming 10.20 patch for League of Legends

The League of Legends Worlds Championship is right around the corner, set to start on Friday, September 25th. As we already know, the event will be played on patch 10.19, which was revealed last week.

Naturally, after the tournament ends, the whole season will be shortly coming to an end. That is why changes teased for the next update, 10.20, are tiny, and won’t bring many new things to Summoner’s Rift. 

League of legends 10.20 update patch notes
(Picture: Riot Games)

The first glimpse at the new patch was shared by Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends at Riot Games. He showcased which champions will be nerfed, and which ones will be buffed. And as expected, there aren’t many surprises. 




The most powerful characters right now, such as Hecarim, Ezreal, Evelynn, or the newly released Samira won’t be altered. Although, in the case of the latter, we can’t be certain, as the new marksman was released on official servers only yesterday. Because of that, it is possible that there will be a hotfix for her in the upcoming days, as is tradition for new League of Legends champions. 

The nerfs are about to come mostly for non-meta champions, such as Kled, Nunu, or Kassadin. Those decisions left most of the gamers surprised because as aforementioned, they are not in the best state right now. Weakening them even more truly could raise some eyebrows. 




Not all players will be unhappy though, as patch 10.20 is planning to buff some characters as well. The most interesting will be Aatrox, Ryze, Varus changes. Those champions were present in professional play from time to time during this year, so it’s intriguing whether Riot plans to bring them back for longer. 

What’s more, Yetter underlined that buffs will happen specifically for Urgot and Sion jungle builds. It comes as a surprise, as jungle isn’t a natural habitat for this duo, which could point to Riot planning to shift them to those positions.

Besides champions changes, Scruffy teased Relentless Hunter Nerf as well. Although there are no details known as of now, so it’s tough to say how big of an impact it is going to have. The same goes for the character changes, so right now we just have to wait for more information.