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Schalke 04 could be forced to sell LEC spot as football team faces certain relegation

The German club’s adventure in the European league could be coming to an end due to internal problems.
Schalke 04 could be forced to sell LEC spot as football team faces certain relegation

Tim Reichert, Managing Director for Schalke 04 Esports, revealed that there is a distinct possibility of the organization selling its League of Legends European Championship slot. At the same time, he underlined that S04 doesn’t want to sell the spot, yet the decision is not on him. The above said during AMA on Schalke’s Twitch channel held on the 24th February.

The issue stems from the precarious position the Schalke 04 football team, that is currently at the bottom of the league in the German Bundesliga. The team is facing certain relegation having won just one game all season.

The organization does not want to get rid of the spot in one of League of Legends’ most prestigious competition and the decision is not made yet.

The news first came to light on Wednesday morning, thanks to a report in L’Équipe

The COVID-19 pandemic has also exercerbated the clubs fiancial situation, and it is looking to cut the costs where it can. According to the report, Schalke could earn up to 20 million euros by selling the LEC spot. 

Following the leak, the AMA was set up. A written statement also appeared on the team's subreddit.

“Due to having to face a possible relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga and not knowing when fans will be able to come back to the stadium, the club needs to look into all options to secure additional funding.”

Additionally, it says that it’s not in Schalke’s desire to sell the spot. “It’s important to note that the club does not want or have to sell the LEC slot. But there are possible future scenarios in which this move would be necessary.”

Schalke Esports(Picture: Riot Games; Caption: LEC studio in Berlin)

Schalke League of Legends division itself is not doing so well in the LEC. The squad is not a top 3 contender, and in its history failed to claim the title or even qualify for the Worlds Championship.