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LoL Season 2024 Champion Mastery Updates, Split Mastery, More

Here are all the updates and new rewards coming to the League of Legends Mastery System in 2024.
LoL Season 2024 Champion Mastery Updates, Split Mastery, More
Picture: Riot Games

League of Legends Mastery System is getting revamped in 2024. Find out all the new updates coming along with rewards here.

League of Legends Season 2024 is here, and Riot has shared some important updates with us by releasing the Arcane Season 2 trailer, announcing new champions and skins coming this year, upcoming Mastery system updates, and much more. Riot has made important changes to the Mastery system to make it a more long-lasting part of League of Legends. 

This includes Leveling changes, new Mastery Crests, the introduction of Split Mastery, etc. You can find all upcoming updates and have a look at the new Mastery Crests below:

Riot Overhauls LoL Mastery System In 2024

LoL Mastery System 2024 will introduced uncapped levels and rewards.
LoL Mastery System 2024 will introduced uncapped levels and rewards. (Picture: Riot Games)

Leveling Changes

Riot will be uncapping mastery levels with the new update, and the current system of S-grade tokens will be replaced by a new mechanic called Marks of Mastery.

You will be able to earn these by demonstrating your ability each split and achieving high grades for the given champion but this will further be extended for all sorts of champion-specific accomplishments in the future. 

  • Earn mastery score by playing games as usual (more for higher grades).
  • Earn Marks of Mastery via a new reward track for each champion that resets every split.
  • Level up when you have enough mastery score (experience with the champion) and Marks of Mastery. 

Here are the marks that you need to achieve the desired Mastery Level:

  • Mastery Level 1-4: None
  • Mastery Level 5-9: 1 per level
  • Mastery Level 10+: 2 per level

When this new system launches, the current progress will not be reset, and instead, players with tons of mastery scores will receive bonus Marks. 

New Mastery Crests

Riot will add brand new Mastery Crests and Emotes in League of Legends along with brand new mastery levels. The new crests are inspired by Mount Targon and will be available from Levels 1 to 10, and beyond that, they will scale infinitely. 


Split Mastery

Riot will introduce a brand new progression system for each split. As a part of it, every champion in each split will have a 4-milestone reward track that you can complete by playing and earning mastery grades.

After completing each milestone, you will get Marks of Mastery and other rewards, and apart from this, after you have completed 4 milestones, you will unlock a more difficult repeating bonus milestone along with the champion’s title (such as Aatrox’s title “The Darkin Blade”) for the rest of the split.

Seasonal Milestone Grades Needed Rewards
1 1x B Grade, 4x D- and up 1x Mark of Mastery, Hextech Chest (up to 6 available per split)
2 1x A Grade, 4x D- and up 1x Mark of Mastery
3 1x S Grade, 4x D- and up 2x Marks of Mastery, Hextech Chest (unlimited)
4 1x S Grade, 4x D- and up 2x Marks of Mastery, Champion Title unlocks until next split
5+ 3x S Grades, 7x D- and up 1x Mark of Mastery

Mastery Sets

Apart from the above-listed rewards, each player will also have their own Mastery Set that will include a list of their favorite champions along with the ones that you might like. You will be able to progress towards the rewards from the set by completing milestones which include a new super-charged mastery chest.