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Sett enters the fray for LEC Week 2

The Boss will be unleashed onto the Rift in all his brawling glory for the second week of the LEC alongside the now bug-free mages Lux and Syndra.
Sett enters the fray for LEC Week 2

There could well be rumbles in the jungles of Summoner's Rift as Sett has been enabled for the second week of the League of Legends European Championship and across all regional leagues.

The brawling juggernaut will hit the Rift at the same time 10.2 is introduced, bringing the changes over to competitive play.

Whether we actually see Sett in action will depend on whether he gets through the initial ban phase. Numerous champions are currently seen as permabans or high priority to ban including Akali, Lucian, Qiyana, Pantheon and LeBlanc.

While Sett is a new addition, two familiar faces will also be returning to competitive play.

Lux and Syndra were disabled for the first week of the LEC due to "potentially game-altering bugs" found.

Syndra saw an increased presence in pro play last year which culminated in her frequent banning during the 2019 World Championship.

She has not received changes since Patch 9.22, while the most recent, Patch 10.2, has seen Lux's Lucent Singularity fixed to no longer reveal areas outside of its range.

10.2 is the patch that will be played on for Week 2 of LEC Spring and so further adjustments including added Aphelios nerfs, Ziggs buffs and further Thresh VFX changes will be in play.


League of Legends' other recent addition has seen consecutive nerfs in patches since his release, with tweaks seeking to balance out his strong and varied kit.

The Rift Herald has seen her health dropped in order to increase the speed at which she can be slain in order to try add value to that part of the map following Rise of the Elements that brought the focus onto the elemental drakes and acquiring Dragon Souls towards bot lane.

The LEC Spring Split continues from 31st January as Rogue takes on Origen to start off the weekend.