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Twitch streamer Swimstrim accused of roping in Legends of Runeterra $100,000 tournament

The Twitch Rivals Showdown was a hot topic of debate as constant timeouts happened throughout the competition.
Twitch streamer Swimstrim accused of roping in Legends of Runeterra $100,000 tournament

The Twitch Rivals: Legends of Runeterra Showdown had some interesting sets played, showcasing the variety of viable decks in the recently released collectable card game from Riot Games.

Unfortunately, an inadequate ruleset tainted the competition that David "DogDog" Caero ultimately won.

Running a best-of-three format, the 16-player invitational enforced a 50-minute match timer, with only three more turns allowed after the clock ran out. This relatively small-time bank caused several issues, as multiple sets went to time, and players got stuck in unfair scenarios.

Twitch streamer Swimstrim was involved in two instances where the sets went to time, first off in his match against Kripp and later on versus Mogwai, resulting in many people accusing him of roping.

For those out of the loop, roping in card games means deliberately slowing the gameplay down, in hopes the other player concedes, or in this case, time runs out.


Swimstrim roping Twitch Rivals Legends of Runeterra Dogdog
DogDog ended winning the tournament earning $20,000 in the process (Picture: Twitch)


On the first set Swimstrim himself declared to the tournament organisers that Kripp had won the match, despite going over the three turn limit. Against Mogwai, the T.O stepped in before the players reported the outcome, resulting in a tie that left both dissatisfied.

Despite not intending any ill will going by his actions, this didn't stop people from criticizing him, as his style of play is very methodical, clashing with the fact that the Showdown required players to be more snappy with their decision making.

Swim acknowledged this and defended himself on stream.



"I said to the admins 'Kripp won 2-1'. If I was really scumming for round wins, I would've said 'Kripp and I tied, we went three rounds over', I didn't do that," explained the embattled streamer.

As the tournament progressed and the same situation happened in the match between Swimstrim and Mogwai went down, criticism began to escalate, especially since the tie between them sent the latter to the lower bracket where the maximum prize pool for the winner was $5,000.

After the invitational wrapped up, Swim took to Reddit to further explain his side of the story, and how all the heavy complaints against him made the streamer feel terrible.

“I guess there will be some people that won't believe me when I say this, but I'm pretty extremely unhappy with what happened. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I'm extremely against scumming in this way, regardless of the size of the tournament. I forfeited the game that I could, and I'm still getting hundreds of people in my chat berating me and calling me a cheater.”

Free-to-play Legends of Runeterra is now available to download on PC, Android, and iOS.