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Riot Games Respond To League of Legends Winterblessed Battle Pass Nerf

Riot Games has responded to the community.
Riot Games Respond To League of Legends Winterblessed Battle Pass Nerf

If you have been following League of Legends data-mined content recently, you will have seen that the Winterblessed Battle Pass has been nerfed, as reported by famous LoL data miner SkinSpotlights. Several of the usual rewards had been stripped and replaced with lackluster banners instead. 

Riot doubles-down on the Battle Pass nerf. (Picture: Riot Games)

Following community backlash, Riot has responded via Reddit. Jordan "BarackProbama" Checkman, the Senior Design Lead on the competitive Gameplay Team at Riot Games, responded to a comment stating:

"In previous passes, we saw that players really enjoyed the banners, so we are experimenting with different formulations and distributions of them."

He concludes his point by saying:

"If we see that players don't value things like upgradeable banners in the way that we hope, we will change our strategy. Simple as that."

Usually, when companies remove content that they once offered to players, it is to test the limits of how much they can take away before receiving backlash. Thankfully, the community has responded in droves on Reddit and hopefully, this will be enough to revert the Battle Pass changes next time around.