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Lethal Company Roadmap (2024): All Known Future Content Plans

Here's what's coming next for Lethal Company?
Lethal Company Roadmap (2024): All Known Future Content Plans
(Picture: Zeekerss)

The co-op survival horror title Lethal Company is currently only in early access, but after just a few weeks, tons of fans flocked to the game and naturally they want to know what content could be coming in the future. Lethal Company's developer has already endeavored to update the game regularly and promised to continue doing so in the near future. For now, here's what's in store for Lethal Company in 2024, even though the game doesn't have an official roadmap (yet).

1 March 2024 - We've checked for the latest news and updates from Zeekerss.

Lethal Company's Current Roadmap Plans

Prior to release the game's developer - Zeekerss - announced that they plan on updating the game either weekly, or every two weeks. That being said, they didn't plan on having a rigid update schedule for the game.

According to Zeekerss, most of the updates would feature only a handful of impactful changes.

"While fixing bugs here and there, I am going to focus on mainly adding new content, cycling between new creatures, items/upgrades, and decorations," the developer wrote in a Steam News update for the game. I don't want the game to grow too stale from a tiny, constant drip feed of updates; I want to release updates that have a nice handful of new things to discover each time, so you can come back and be surprised."

Lethal Company Updates In 2024

Moving forward its possible that in 2024 Zeekerss could take a different approach to how they release their updates.

Writing on X (Twitter) recently, Zeekers explained that he's be distracted by my life but has continued working on Version 50. Intriguingly though, they then suggested that they could adopt a different cadence in order for new updates to feel more substantial:

"I'm starting to think it may be better for all updates to be bigger and less frequent," Zeekers explained. "I really want content updates to Lethal Company to feel like I broke into an alien zoo and released all the animals."

lethal company
Lethal Company has no official roadmap quite yet, but frequent updates are coming. (Picture: Zeekerss)

Leaving Early Access In 2024

As previously mentioned, Lethal Company doesn't have an official roadmap, but we imagine if it did it would include details of when the game might leave early access.

It's believed that Lethal Company would stay in early access for a period of around six-months, which would suggest it would leave around April 2024. That being said, we certainly would rule out the possibility that this changes based on how much time Zeekerss wants to put in and how much they want to push themselves.