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Level Zero: Extraction “Did Not Use AI For Anything”

Level Zero: Extraction wasn't made with AI, developers confirmed.
Level Zero: Extraction “Did Not Use AI For Anything”
(Picture: tinyBuild)

Following Level Zero: Extraction’s initial playtest release, one player suggested that the game was largely created with AI, but one of the game’s developers quickly responded, confirming that they “did not use AI for ANYTHING.”

The user who suggested that the game was created with AI said that the opening voice dialogue is “clearly generated by an AI.” They also cited all the game’s voices, in-game items and their descriptions, and even the whole game’s digital art and paintings, as possibly AI-generated. “At first I thought it was maybe [a] human who did the digital paintings, but no, [it] looks more [like] AI from Midjourney,” they wrote.

level zero
Some suggested that Level Zero might be AI-generated, but developers quickly fired back. (Picture: tinyBuild)

The developer, whose Steam name is listed as Alex Golenishchev, added that even if they wanted to use AI, “there are legal issues with using AI generated content through Midjourny [sic] or ChatGPT.” 

The developer specified that absolutely none of the game’s art, including merchants, key art, and item icons, are created by AI. They're either made by artists, or are direct captures of real 3D items. They also noted that all the game’s voices are voiced by real voice actors.  

“All merchants are actually custom drawn by an artist. Key art is done by an artist. All of the item icons are direct captures of the actual 3D item. The voice that announces as you spawn was voiced by a voice actor,” they wrote. “The only "AI" we used was to create the computerized female voices during the blackouts, etc. And even that is a simple text-to-speech, which was done deliberately to make it feel like a text to speech.”