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Level Zero Extraction Roadmap (2024): All Confirmed Updates and Future Content

Level Zero: Extraction's is coming in 2024, but we already have an official roadmap for the upcoming Multiplayer Extraction Horror.
Level Zero Extraction Roadmap (2024): All Confirmed Updates and Future Content
(Picture: tinyBuild)

Level Zero: Extraction is a brand new game that for the time being has only been available in closed beta. But as with any live service game, there are lots of planned updates on the horizon which promises to improve iterate and build on the game currently. The developers at Doghowl have already provided a fairly comprehensive development roadmap outlining some of the updates they're already working on. For now, here's a look at the Level Zero: Extraction Roadmap so you can check out what's coming down the line.

30 April 2024 - Page checked and updated with the latest information and news.

Level Zero: Extraction 2024 Living Roadmap

Somewhat bizarrely, we seem to have two roadmaps for the game. The latter (seen further down) is based on the in-game roadmap players might have seen. However, following the Closed Beta, the team also released a 'Living Roadmap' for 2024.

This supposedly "reflects our current development plans as per the date released. Things like feature scope and implementation timelines might (and probably will) change based on players' feedback and our evolving vision for the game."

Let's assume this is the most up to date roadmap, in which case, here's a look at whats being worked on currently.

Content Drops

  • [DONE] - Map 1: South Pole Research Facility
  • Map 2: Turion
  • Map 3: Space Station
  • Weapons: Flamethrower, M4A1, MP7, MDR (and many more)
  • New Weapon Attachments
  • Craftable Low-Tier Weapons
  • New Syringe Types (Temporary Buffs)
  • Audio Logs (lore)
  • Military-Style Cosmetic Items
  • Additional Merc Suit Types

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Known Issue Fix: Weapons/Hands Clipping (Walls/Objects)
  • Ongoing Client & Network Optimization
  • Voice Commands Wheel
  • More Servers Worldwide
  • Controller Support

New Gameplay Systems

  • [DONE] - Drone Extraction Rewards
  • [DONE] - Grenades (Frag, Flash, EMP)
  • [DONE] - Hostile Patrol Turrets (PvE Enemies)
  • [DONE] - Environmental Hazards (PvE)
  • [DONE] - Character Leaning
  • [DONE] - Traders & Reputation
  • Hostile Mutants (PvE Enemies)
  • Hostile Mutants (PvE Enemies)
  • Merc Contracts
  • Alien DNA Conversion (convert your Alien XP into Merc currency and reset Alien level)
  • Alien Customization (Cosmetics)
  • Merc Build Progression (NeuroChips)
  • Alien Build Progression (Mutations)
  • More Loot Variety
  • Randomized Object Placement (loot, doors, light switches, healing stations etc)
  • [Redacted] (Endgame PvE Bosses)
  • [Redacted] (Endgame PvE Enemy Type)
  • Legendary Merc Suits (Endgame Rewards) [NVG-equipped, camouflage etc]
  • Alien Movement Rework & Finisher Animation
  • Map POIs & Events (i.e. High-Tier Loot Rooms)
Level Zero Extraction Living Roadmap 2024
Level Zero Extractions Living Roadmap for 2024 details some of the upcoming changes, fixes and new systems coming to the game in the future.

Level Zero: Extraction In-Game Roadmap Overview

As mentioned, during the closed beta there was also a roadmap in-game. Here it is:

roadmap level zero
Level Zero's roadmap outlines some of the game's future updates. (Picture: tinyBuild)

Update V.01

  • New Extraction Types (In Progress)
    • Implementation of various extraction types. Each map will have its own unique extraction methods. Extractions can require special items, loot quotas, and may have weight limitations.
  • Hands IK System (In Progress)
    • This system prevents arms and weapons from glitching into walls and surrounding objects.
  • New Weapon: Flamethrower (Polishing)
    • This unique weapon is one of the very few that deals real damage to both humans and aliens. Burn them all!
  • Hostile AI Turret (Polishing)
    • Beware of dangerous patrol Al turrets which New Horizon Facility security left to protect valuable data.
  • Trader Reputation (Complete)
    • Level up your reputation with trades to unlock better and more powerful gear to increase your chances of survival.
  • Character Leaning (Complete)
    • Implementation of human character leaning which will allow to peek around corners.
  • Hazardous Objects (Complete)
    • A lot of objects to be careful around: mines, exposed electric wires, steam pipes, shattered glass. More will be added with content updates and new maps.
  • Grenades (Complete)
    • First iteration of various grenade types: EMP, Frag and Flash. More will be added with new content updates.
  • Drone Extraction Rewards (Complete)
    • Gain profit from assisting your teammates to survive. Drones will receive a reward proportional to the quota their teammates will extracted with.
Level Zero Extraction
There's already new maps in development for the game.

Update V.02

  • New Map: Turion (In Progress)
    • The new map is set on planet Turion, deep inside an underground cave environment, where New Horizons Corp. has set up its first expedition. The new map will feature new and unique gameplay elements and loot items, new extraction types and new dangers.
  • Crafting and Blueprints (In Progress)
    • Open blueprints and craft new items to help you in your raids.
  • Merc Contracts (In Progress)
    • Accept contracts with unique tasks or conditions for your next raid.
  • New Content (In Progress)
    • More military stuff! MP7, MDR, M4A1 and more! Low-tier craftable weapons! More grenades! More weapon modifications! More skins!
  • Hostile Scientist AI (Planned)
    • This Al enemy is a scientist which mutated, lost his conscious mind, and now will hunt you!
  • Hostile AI Drones (Planned)
    • New Horizons Corporation developed these drones to secure their expeditions. Now they will secure the location from you!
  • Points of Interest (Planned)
    • Addition of random events and points of interest such as password locked rooms, and various interactable environment objects.
  • Alien Sacrifice System (Planned)
    • The more you kill - the more powerful your alien becomes. Once you are ready - you can sacrifice the alien to convert all of its XP to currency.
  • Alien Customization (Planned)
    • You will be able to customize your alien! Express your individuality through your unique alien look!
  • Turion Suit (Complete)
    • The suit will be the new default for the Turion map. It has unique cosmetic features which allow humans to adapt to the planet's conditions. A number of skins will also be available to be used with the suit.
Level Zero Extraction
There's plans for random events and points of interest like locked rooms in the future too.

Update V.03

  • Reconnect System (Planned)
    • Allows to reconnect to the raid, should an unexpected disconnection occur due to technical reasons.
  • New Syringe Types (Planned)
    • Various new stimulant syringes which temporarily will give you buffs and debuffs.
  • Merc Neurochip Progression (Planned)
    • As a merc you'll be able to create a unique character build through rolling stats for neurochips you create.
  • Alien Mutation Progression (Planned)
    • As an alien you'll be able to develop your abilities and stats to create a unique alien genome!
  • Lore Progression (Planned)
    • Find tapes and recordings on different locations to hear unique stories behind every map which combines into a massive story behind all of the game world!
  • Randomized Gameplay Objects (Planned)
    • Gameplay objects such as loot crates, switchers or doors will be randomized to create a unique experience in every raid.
  • Voice Commands Wheel (Planned)
    • Wheel of voice commands to communicate with everyone around!
  • New Content (Planned)
    • More everything! We're still defining what exactly. But it'll be awesome!
  • Client & NetworkOptimization (Planned)
    • We do not want to be one more game which looks cool but awfully optimized. We will work on optimization, honestly.
Level Zero Extraction Alien POV
Finisher animations for Aliens are planned in the V.04 update.

Update V.04

  • New Map: Space Station (Planned)
    • Addition of a new map - the "New Horizons" Space Station, designed for advanced players. The abandoned space station will feature new Al, obstacles, new pricey loot items, and new extraction methods.
  • Alien Animation System Rework (Planned)
    • In addition to floors and vents, we plan to make aliens to be able to jump on walls and ceilings, along with an addition of finisher animations. Imagine all the cool stuff you'd be able to do with this!
  • Unique Suit Abilities (Planned)
    • There will be end-game rare Merc suits with unique abilities.
  • Endgame AI Enemies (Planned)
  • Endgame AI Bosses (Planned)
  • New Content (Planned)
    • More everything! We're still defining what exactly. But it'll be awesome!

Community Decision

There's nothing in this section of the roadmap quite yet, but there's a page available for it in the playtest version of the game. When updates are added to this part of the roadmap, we'll be sure to update this page.