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Lies of P Fatal Attacks: How They Work

Eliminate your enemies with brutal strength and style using our guide on what Fatal Attacks are and how to use them in Leis of P.
Lies of P Fatal Attacks: How They Work
Neowiz Games

Inflicting damage on enemies in Lies of P primarily relies on executing unique weapon combinations and utilizing your Legion Arm. However, there is another feature that significantly enhances your damage output in battle: the Fatal Attack. This maneuver not only incapacitates your enemies for a substantial duration but also inflicts a significant amount of damage (assuming your enemy survives it).

In this guide, we will comprehensively explain how the Fatal Attack operates within the combat system of Lies of P. This includes instructions on how to execute it and the optimal ways to utilize it in battle. So, grab your favorite weapon, and let's dive into an explanation of the Fatal Attack system in Lies of P.

What are Fatal Attacks in Lies of P? 

In Lies of P, Fatal Attacks share similarities with the Visceral Attacks or Critical Strikes found in the SoulsBorne games. To simplify, they enable you to initiate a potent strike against a vulnerable and staggered enemy, inflicting substantial damage while rendering you invulnerable throughout the execution, akin to backstab maneuvers.

Lies Of P What Are Fatal Attacks Critical hits when staggered
Fatal Attacks are powerful strikes that you can deal to a staggered enemy. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Throughout our experience with the game, we discovered an effective strategy involved weakening enemies until they reached a state of vulnerability, then utilizing the R2 attack to stagger them, and finally delivering a Fatal Attack to incapacitate the enemy. 

When an enemy succumbs to a Fatal Attack, they are temporarily knocked down for a few seconds, allowing you to either heal, repair your weapons, or apply a weapon enhancement to inflict status effect damage once they get back up, or you can simply keep hitting them while they're down, the choice is yours.

How to Perform Fatal Attacks

As previously mentioned, executing Fatal Attacks in Lies of P is a relatively straightforward process, with the initial step involving making an enemy susceptible to staggering. This is indicated by their health bar flashing white, which can be achieved through a continuous series of multiple hits, performing charge attacks (R2 or RT), or skillfully executing Perfect Guards to counter enemy attacks.

Lies Of P What Are Fatal Attacks Stagger First
Before executing a Fatal Attack, you need to stagger an enemy with a charged attack when their health bar flashes white. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Once the enemy's health bar is flashing white, you have a brief window to execute a charge attack using R2 or RT. This action will cause the enemy to stagger, leaving them in a vulnerable state for a Fatal Attack. On regular enemies, this will manifest as three red lines appearing above your lock-on symbol, while on bosses, a red indicator will appear near the boss, indicating the spot where you need to stand to execute a Fatal Attack.

Lies Of P What Are Fatal Attacks Dealing attack
Once Staggered, you need to stand behind or in front of any enemy (or on the marked spot with bosses) to execute the Fatal Attack as shown above. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

While the process may sound relatively simple, it can be challenging to execute in the midst of battle. Therefore, it's advisable to mix it up by dealing damage through regular attacks, executing Perfect Guards, or utilizing your Legion Arm to inflict damage until the health bar flashes white. Once that occurs, follow the steps outlined above, and you'll be ready to defeat any enemy in the game with the formidable power of the Fatal Attack.