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How To Find All Gesture Locations In Lies Of P

Express your humanity with our guide on where to find all Gestures in Lies of P.
How To Find All Gesture Locations In Lies Of P
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In Lies of P, being Geppetto's favored puppet doesn't just come with significant advantages when confronting the challenges within the City of Krat. It also injects a distinct charm into your interactions with adversaries through Gestures. These Gesture expressions, reminiscent of those found in the SoulsBorne series, empower Pinocchio with a rich array of ways to convey his emotions and sentiments throughout the game.

So, if you're enthusiastic about exploring and acquiring all these Gestures scattered across the game world, granting you many choices for pre or post-battle engagements or simply showcasing your new attire, rest assured, we've got you covered. Below, you'll discover a comprehensive guide on how to procure all the Gestures in Lies of P, and as you progress, you'll even have the chance to earn a trophy as a testament to your accomplishments.

How To Get All Gestures in Lies Of P

The game offers a total of 17 Gestures for players to collect. These can be acquired as you progress through the storyline, complete side quests, or even discover specific collectible letters scattered throughout the city of Krat. Additionally, it's important to note that some Gestures are contingent on your choices regarding honesty or deceit, meaning you might need to embark on a New Game+ playthrough to collect them all.

Lies Of P How To Get All Gestures Listed below
Below are the locations as well as how to get each of the 17 Gestures found in Lies of P. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

Here's a breakdown of where you can obtain these Gestures:

  1. Sit: Already accessible.
  2. Check Ground: Already accessible.
  3. Show Off Clothes: Speak to Antonia after arriving at Hotel Krat for the first time.
  4. Remembrance: Found at Elysion Boulevard Entrance. Locate the Frozen Man's Letter, which can be found after descending through a hole in the rooftops and entering the room with the white sofa. Read the letter.
  5. Stalker's Promise: Found at the Workshop Union Culvert. From where the Black Cat and Red Fox are standing, ascend the stairs next to them and drop through the floor's hole to find the Survivor. Defeat this enemy to acquire the Gesture.
  6. Fear: Obtained by talking to Venigni after meeting him at the Stargazer on the second floor of the Venigni Works Control Room.
  7. Swagger: Talk to Venigni at Hotel Krat after defeating King's Flame, Fuoco. He will eventually reward players with the Gesture.
  8. Pray: Complete Sister Cecile's side quest at the Cathedral by obtaining the Holy Mark and giving it to her. Return after defeating Fallen Archibishop Andreus and read Cecile's Written Confession.
  9. Taunt: Obtained after defeating The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood enemy at Malum District Town Hall.
  10. Clap: Pick up the Portrait of a Boy in the Malum District after defeating The Eldest and return to Geppetto at Hotel Krat. Speak to him to acquire the Gesture.
  11. Sad: Complete Julian the Gentleman's side quest by retrieving the Wedding Ring from the deceased puppet on Rosa Isabelle Street. Return to him and choose to lie.
  12. Respect: Defeat Champion Victor and access the Saintess of Mercy Hall, located in the greenhouse. Interact with the statue.
  13. Beg: After progressing through the story and clearing the Grand Exhibition area, give the Black Cat the Gold Coin Fruit and receive this Gesture.
  14. Greet: Progress Polendina's side quest and have Giangio craft the medicine for Antonia before asking the butler to give it to her. After defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp, speak to Antonia.
  15. Anger: Obtain the Gesture from Antonia after defeating the Corrupted Parade Master.
  16. Happy: At the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, continue progressing through the area until you encounter an elevator. Take it down and navigate past the traps to find Test Subject 826 at the bottom. Speak to him.
  17. Entreat: After defeating Laxasia the Complete at the Ascension Bridge, enter Sophia's bedroom and choose to Give Sophia Peace.
Lies Of P How To Get All Gestures Achievements
Obtaining all the Gestures will grant you an achievement as well, so it's well worth getting them all. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

Upon collecting all 17 Gestures, players will unlock the "Learning About Emotions" trophy/achievement. This also enables the completion of another side quest in the Barren Swamp area, so be sure to explore thoroughly and enjoy the multitude of gestures at your disposal in Lies of P.