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How To Get the Gold Coin Fruit and What it Does in Lies of P

Unlock a new source of strength with our guide on how to get the Cold Coin Fruits and how to use them in Lies of P.
How To Get the Gold Coin Fruit and What it Does in Lies of P
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As you progress into the later stages of Lies of P, players will encounter inquisitive non-playable characters (NPCs) who will introduce you to the enigmatic Gold Coin Fruit. They will elaborate on its unique properties and earnestly request your assistance in locating it. For many players, this introduction may appear rather vague, leaving them with questions about the nature of Gold Coin Fruits, how to acquire them, and their practical benefits.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we will thoroughly elucidate the process of obtaining Gold Coin Fruits and explore their diverse applications within Lies of P. Without further delay, let's immerse ourselves in this topic and give you everything you need to grab these Gold Coin Fruits.

How To Get the Gold Coin Fruit

Players will initially encounter a character named Giangio, who introduces them to the concept of Gold Coin Fruit. This enigmatic NPC can be located at the end of a somewhat concealed and winding path along the Path of Pain in Area IV. (This area is situated just before players cross a sizable bridge leading to the St. Frangelico Cathedral.)

Lies Of P Gold Coin Fruits How To get speaking to Giangio
Once you speak to Giangio and exhaust his dialogue, he will inform them of the Gold Coin Fruits and their possible use as your salvation. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

To initiate Giangio's quest, players need to find him and engage in a full conversation with him. Upon completing this dialogue, Giangio will entrust players with a mysterious Cube and an item known as a Wishstone, which can be inserted into the Cube. Although this Cube holds immense significance, players won't be able to harness its full potential until they encounter Giangio once more later in the game. At this point, players must continue progressing through St. Frangelico Cathedral and confront its boss, Fallen Archbishop, Andreus.

After defeating him, players will venture into a new area known as the Path of the Pilgrim and the Malum District. Upon navigating the Malum District, defeating another formidable boss, and activating the Stargazer the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer, players can enter a building and ride an elevator to return to Hotel Krat via a concealed side entrance.

Lies Of P Gold Coin Fruits Encountering Giangio and unlocking tree
After clearing the Malum District, players will encounter Giangio once more, and he will inform you of where to find the Gold Coin Tree as well as its fruits. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

Here, they will reunite with Giangio, who now explains that he has located the Gold Coin Fruit Tree but requires players to harvest the fruits for him. Outside, players will discover the tree itself, which is now available for fruit harvesting at any time. But what exactly are these fruits, and what are they used for?

What is the Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P

Once players gather the fruits and return to Giangio, he will unveil a new shop where players can purchase various types of Wishstones in exchange for Gold Coin Fruits, as opposed to the one that you received initially. These Wishstones play a crucial role in enhancing your Specter's skills and survivability during boss battles when used in conjunction with the Cube.

Lies Of P Gold Coin Fruits General use of Wishstones
Gold Coin Fruits are used to mainly purchase the various kinds of Wishstones in the game, but they do have other uses as well. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

Giangio's Wishstones offer a wide range of effects, including direct Specter healing, attack buffs, preventing Specter deaths, and drawing aggro. As players advance through their journey, they can unlock additional Cube capabilities through the P-Organ, enabling quicker use of its effects or even using it multiple times in battle.

Some Wishstones also affect the player rather than the Specter. Players can exchange Golden Coin Fruit for these Wishstones, which will automatically be slotted into the Cube when players rest at a Stargazer. To change the active Wishstone, players can either converse with Giangio or utilize any Stargazer.

Gold Coin Fruit Alternate Uses in Lies of P

Golden Coin Fruit primarily serves as currency for purchasing Wishstones from Giangio. However, they serve another purpose once players reach Area VII. After defeating the central boss, Champion Victor, players will obtain a key to access a special area housing the Saintess Of Mercy Statue. Interacting with this statue allows players to exchange Golden Coin Fruit for the ability to completely respec their attributes, reset their P-Organ, or redo their Legion Arm upgrades.

Lies Of P Gold Coin Fruits Alternate uses
Gold Coin Fruits can also be used to reset your P-Organ and Legion Arm upgrades. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

Lastly, when players first gain the ability to harvest Gold Coin Fruit, they must wait for the fruit to regrow in batches. Initially, players can gather 8 Gold Coin Fruit at once and then must wait approximately 10 minutes for the fruit to fully regenerate. 

Fortunately, players can expedite the Gold Coin Fruit growth process by acquiring an item called an Alchemical Booster. Players can inject the tree with this solution, significantly accelerating the growth of Gold Coin Fruit. There are various sizes of Alchemical Boosters, with larger ones extending the boosted effect for a longer duration.

And there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown of what the Gold Coin Fruits are in Lies of P, how to get them, and their uses throughout the game. Be sure to use these items resourcefully, as they take some time to regenerate, but they can easily push your build and combat efficiency to a far higher level than before.