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Lies of P Grindstones: How To Get and Use For Special Effects

Unleash more power with your weapons by checking out our guide on what Grinstones are, and how to get them in Lies of P.
Lies of P Grindstones: How To Get and Use For Special Effects
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In Lies of P, you'll quickly become acquainted with the Grinder as one of the earliest game mechanics. This handy tool allows you to repair your weapons on the go, preventing them from deteriorating due to use or blocking attacks. However, its utility doesn't stop there. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock an extension for this device known as Grindstones.

Grindstones are unique items that Pinocchio can employ not only to bestow special effects upon your weapons but also to use repeatedly, unlike the other once-off consumable items in the game. If you're eager to experiment with these items and discover the full extent of their potential, you've come to the right place. Below, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on everything to know about Grindstones in Lies of P.

What are Grindstones in Lies of P

As you probably know by now, the Grinder in Lies of P serves the purpose of enabling Pinocchio, or P, to maintain his weapons as they gradually wear down during combat. However, as your progress unfolds within the game, you'll unlock the ability to incorporate an additional Grindstone into the Grinder.

Lies Of P Grindstones What are they
Grindstones are special, non-perishable items that you can slot into your grinder to apply special effects on your weapons. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

By unlocking it, you can impart an extra effect to your weapon via the Grinder. To achieve this, you hold down the block button (LB or L1) and utilize the Grinder (X or Square). For example, using the Flame Grindstone will grant your weapons the capability to deal fire damage for a brief duration, however, it's worth noting that you can only equip one Grindstone at a time, and to swap it out, you'll need to speak to Vegnini (after he's moved to Hotel Krat).

While this may seem akin to the weapon Abrasives in the game, what sets the Grindstones apart is their unique feature of replenishing when you rest at a Stargazer. This essentially means that you receive one free elemental enhancement per traversal of an area or encounter with a boss, making its usefulness exceptionally valuable. Furthermore, the Grinder itself remains entirely functional and can still be employed to repair your weapons.

How To Unlock Grindstones in Lies of P

To acquire the Grindstones in Lies of P, players must first defeat the King's Flame, Fuoco boss located in Vegnini Works. After you successfully vanquish the boss, your reward will be the Flame Grindstone. Following this victory, you can converse with Vegnini himself, who will inform you that he's returning to Hotel Krat and encourage you to meet him there for a reward.

Lies Of P Grindstones How to unlock
Once you defeat Kings Flame, Fuoco, you'll unlock the Grindstone Modifier, along with the ability to purchase Grindstones from Pulcinella. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Upon returning to Hotel Krat, engage with Vegnini, and he will provide you with the Grinder Modification tool. This tool enables you to make use of any Grindstones you come across during your journey. To switch them out, you can either consult Vegnini directly or visit any of the Stargazers and select the "Switch Grindstone on Grinder" option to choose the one you wish to utilize.

As for obtaining other varieties of Grindstones in the game, players have the option to purchase some from Pulcinella, Vegnini's trusted puppet and companion. While we've only seen the electric Grindstone available in his inventory, players will likely unlock more Grindstones as his store expands, and they may also discover them hidden throughout the city of Krat.