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How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

Bring down this powerful flame-wielding boss with our guide on how to beat the King's Flame, Fuoco boss in Lies of P.
How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco in Lies of P
Neowiz Games

It's no secret that every boss encounter in Lies of P offers a distinct set of challenges to conquer. While some bosses are seen as less challenging due to the nature of their obstacles, Kings Flame, Fuoco, takes the difficulty level up a notch compared to any boss you've faced thus far. This boss is a true powerhouse, presenting not only a demanding puzzle to solve and defeat but also frequently unleashing unpredictable attacks and status ailments that can easily send you back to the Stargazer.

Fortunately, we've invested a significant amount of time battling this boss, enduring numerous defeats along the way, but ultimately emerging victorious. If you're looking to achieve the same success without going through repetitive deaths, you've come to the right place. Below, we've meticulously broken down all the essential information you need to defeat Kings Flame, Fuoco, in Lies of P.

Kings Flame, Fuoco Location in Lies of P

Similar to most of the other bosses you've faced so far, Kings Flame, Fuoco, can be found naturally as you progress through the Vegnini Works area and stands in between you and the next area. As you venture through the main factory, you'll come across the central workshop area, highlighted by a large green vat of acid in the center of the room. 

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Locations
Kings Flame Fuoco can be found towards the back of the Central Workshop of Vegnini Works. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

From this point, you can ascend the stairs situated on the left side of the room, where you'll encounter Vegnini himself, visibly distressed at the idea of Fuoco, his once-loyal puppet, going rogue and needing to be defeated. After conversing with him, you can collect the Stargazer here, which grants you direct access to the Venigni Works Control Room, providing a shortcut to the boss room.

Exiting the way you came, descend the stairs and proceed straight through the back of the room. Follow the path marked by flashing red hazard lights and an alarm. At the end of the corridor, you'll find the entrance to the boss arena.

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Summoning Spectre
For this fight, we highly recommend summoning a Specter to aid you. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Additionally, there's a Cracks Calling nearby that you can use to summon a Specter to assist you in the upcoming battle against Fuoco. As you'll soon discover, you may want to summon it because you'll need all the help you can get during the impending battle with Fuoco.

How To Beat Kings Flame, Fuoco

Kings Flame, Fuoco, possesses a large metallic bipedal puppet form, featuring a hammer as one arm and a cannon on the other. Its array of moves stands out in terms of diversity when compared to prior bosses like the Parade Master and Scrapped Watchman. Furthermore, its second phase introduces even more intricacies to its move set, along with additional fire-related and "Overheat" damage. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its attacks, we've categorized them below.

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Oerview
Below is a breakdown of all the attacks to watch out for from Kings Flame Fuoco, as well as how to avoid them. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)
  • Ground Slam - Fuoco slams its hammer down towards you. The attack has good tracking, so it's advisable to dodge, block, or step back at the last moment to avoid taking damage.
  • Ground Swipe - Fuoco hammers the ground and follows it up with a quick swipe attack that's challenging to time with a dodge or guard. It's recommended to back away as soon as you see the hammer come down.
  • Triple Ground Swipe - Similar to the Ground Swipe, but Fuoco spins around up to three times after placing the hammer down. This can deal significant damage, so dodge to the left or right to evade it.
  • Feign Kick - Fuoco rushes toward you and pretends to perform a ground slam. While its hammer is in the air, it executes a quick front kick that knocks you down. Avoid being close to Fuoco when the hammer goes up.
  • Fury Charge - Fuoco glows red (indicating a Fury attack) while spinning its hammer and then charges forward. To evade this, back up and move to either side (left or right) as Fuoco charges past you.
  • Fury Slam - Fuoco quickly approaches you while glowing red and performs a powerful and fast ground slam. Completely avoid this by backing off and re-engaging when the attack has a longer cooldown.
  • Oil Bombs (Phase 2) - In the boss's second phase, it shoots out oil bombs that spread oil across the arena. These bombs don't cause damage, but any of Fuoco's attacks touching them will set them on fire, dealing overheating damage to you.
  • Fire Bombs (Phase 2) - Fuoco locks onto you and shoots fireballs that can stagger or even kill you if hit by more than three. When you see the first one, start running in a circle around Fuoco to avoid them and close the gap, as they are more accurate and powerful when you're at a distance.
  • Flamethrower (Phase 2) - Fuoco stands still and uses its cannon to release a burst of fire. The best way to avoid damage is to approach the boss and position yourself behind him while he performs the attack.
  • Flame Burst (Phase 2) - This is a deadly attack where Fuoco stops moving and exposes its lower core to release lava onto the ground, causing an AoE burst of Overheat damage throughout the arena. It fills up quickly and deals continuous damage. To avoid this, you can stand behind any of the red pipes in the arena or use an Attribute Purification Ampule to nullify the effects. Alternatively, you can use an Attribute Resistance Ampule to reduce the buildup of damage.

The overall strategy for defeating this boss is relatively straightforward, but executing it can be quite challenging, as is often the case in Souls-like games. To effectively implement the strategy we recommend, you'll need a specific Legion Arm called the Fulminis, which significantly simplifies the fight.

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Using Fulminis
Our strategy for beating Fuoco involves the use of the Fulminis Legion Arm to inflict Electric Shock. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Firstly, we suggest summoning a Specter to draw Fuoco's attention and provide you with some time to initiate the first phase of our strategy. In simple terms, you should utilize the Fulminis to charge up an electric Blitz attack and unleash it on Fuoco to apply the Electric Shock status effect.

It appears that fire-based enemies are susceptible to electricity, so inflicting this debuff on Fuoco will amplify the damage it takes from your attacks, significantly increasing your damage output (which is crucial, given that this boss is exceedingly resilient, even against a Lv. 50 character like mine).

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Blitz and attacking
Once Fuoco has Electric shock applied, use our tips on avoiding its attacks while looking for openings to attack and deal tons of additional damage until the boss falls. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Once Fuoco is afflicted with the Electric Shock status ailment, you can proceed to follow the steps outlined above for evading its attacks while dealing damage during its cooldown periods or when the boss is occupied with the Spirit Summon. Keep in mind that the Specter Summon will perish quickly, likely affording you just one free Fulminis strike while it distracts Fuoco. After the Specter is defeated, you'll face Fuoco alone.

We've discovered that the ideal moment to execute another Fulminis strike when facing the boss alone is right after its Triple Swipe, oil bomb, and Fury charge attacks. These instances provide a brief opening to approach Fuoco, and charge up the Fulminis for an electric strike (note that it may take two strikes to apply the Electric Shock effect), so ensure you have some Legion Magazines on hand to recharge it.

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Rewards
Once the boss falls you'll be rewarded with some new unique upgrade items, along with a hefty sum of Ergo. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Simply repeat this cycle by avoiding Fuoco's attacks in both phases 1 and 2, inflicting Electric Shock, and dealing damage (preferably while the shock is active) only when it's safe to do so. It may require some time to memorize the attack patterns and timing, but with practice, you'll quickly become adept at discerning when to engage and when to maintain distance from the boss. Continue this pattern, and eventually, Fuoco will succumb, rewarding you with the High Powered Flame Amplifier, the Flame Grindstone, and the Kings Flame Ergo, along with 7,000 Ergo for your efforts.