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Lies of P Patch Notes (Day 1 Update): All Confirmed Details, and Changes

Take a look at the improvements and updates soon to arrive as we break down the most recent patch notes and updates for Lies of P.
Lies of P Patch Notes (Day 1 Update): All Confirmed Details, and Changes
Neowiz Games

Updates and patches are commonplace in the current landscape of video games, and the upcoming souls-like from Neowiz Games, Lies of P, will be no different. The game itself features tons of mechanics, features, and content, so expecting a pat, even as early as day one, makes a lot of sense. 

So, in this guide, we are going to break down what we know so far regarding the update patches and patch notes for Lies of P. We'll discuss the details, fixes, content additions, and much more, so without further delay, let's jump right in.

Game-Breaking Bug In Chapter 2

Lies of P has only just dropped, however, the developers have confirmed a game-breaking bug in chapter 2 which players should avoid at all costs.

Writing on Steam, the team told fans:

"Currently, we have identified a bug that can halt the game's progression in Chapter 2. We sincerely apologise to everyone who has encountered this issue. As we investigate how we can fix/prevent this issue we would like to recommend the following guidelines to prevent this bug.

"Before defeating the Chapter 2 Boss the 'Scrapped Watchman', if the players attempt to enter locked rooms within Hotel Krat a game-breaking bug may occur preventing further game progression

"Once again we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it might have caused and will continue to work on providing a better gameplay experience as soon as possible."

There's no word yet on when an update for the game will be released (or indeed official patch notes) but hopefully, they both arrive pretty soon.

Lies of P - Day 1 Patch Notes Overview

As of this moment, we lack an official breakdown of the patch notes and updates for Lies of P at launch because the game has not been released yet (but will be shortly). However, we can offer some speculation about the potential changes and improvements. During the currently accessible open beta, we identified a few "bugs" or general issues that are likely to be addressed (and according to recent feedback from those who tried the game at Gamescom, some of these issues have already been addressed).

Lies Of P Patch Notes Details improvements and fixes
While we don't have an official patch notes list, we expect more fixes and post-day-one changes to be made. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

One notable change discussed during the Gamescom presentation pertains to the dodge and evade mechanic. When we tested it during the demo, it felt somewhat sluggish and made dealing with fast-hitting enemies and bosses more challenging than intended. Fortunately, the developers have tackled this problem, as game director Jiwon Choi mentioned at Gamescom: "We have smoothed out and made the dodging mechanic more flexible. Additionally, we have shortened and made transitions smoother when switching between movements or actions to enhance ease of use."

It appears that a significant portion of the game's movement mechanics has been reworked and fine-tuned to deliver a smoother gameplay experience. Based on what we observed when players tried it out at Gamescom, these adjustments seemed much improved. Nevertheless, there may still be some remaining issues that are likely to be resolved.

Lies Of P Patch Notes Details Recent fixes and more to come
The game has already seen fixes from the Open beta to its most recent showcase, so we expect the game to get more and more finely tuned as time goes on. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

For example, during my time with the demo, I noticed a few graphical glitches where certain parts of the screen briefly flickered. While this might be specific to the hardware on which you're running the game, other players have also reported graphical issues when interacting with items, traversing through different areas, and so forth.

We anticipate that these issues will likely be addressed with the release of the first patch. While we don't have a comprehensive list of all the potential problems the game may have, we expect more to be discovered once players get their hands on the game on September 19th. This player feedback will likely inform the contents of the patch notes, significantly beyond the Day 1 patch that most games release.

Therefore, until the full patch notes are officially announced, we encourage you to stay tuned to this page and check back here in the days leading up to the game's release. We will keep you updated with any news regarding patches or updates coming to Lies of P.