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Lies of P Roadmap Details, Upcoming Features, and More

See what the future of Krat holds as we discuss the roadmap and details of upcoming content for Lies of P.
Lies of P Roadmap Details, Upcoming Features, and More
Neowiz Games

As we approach the release of Lies of P on the 19th of September 2023, the souls-like from Neowiz Games is drumming up tons of hype for its release, and while we are excited for its release, we are just as excited for what's to come after that point. To that end, many are curious to know what the roadmap for the game looks like regarding upcoming content additions, updates, and so on.

So if you wonder what to come after the release of Lies of P and what you can expect when purchasing your copy, keep reading. Below we have a breakdown of everything we know about the current roadmap for Lies of P. 

Lies of P Roadmap Details So Far

Currently, we lack specific details about the roadmap for Lies of P because the game has not been released yet. While there is some speculation about what it might entail (more on that later), the game is positioned as a standalone experience, with the potential for content additions in the future after its release.

Lies Of P Roadmap Details And More details and possible features
While we don't have an official roadmap yet, we do expect some interesting content additions in the future of Lies of P. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

These additions could encompass content expansions or even downloadable content (DLC) down the line, depending on the game's success. Of course, there will also be various updates and patches in between, but as for a concrete content roadmap, it has not been revealed at this point.

Lies of P Roadmap Features Announced

Regarding the content that may appear on this roadmap, one noteworthy aspect is a collaboration between Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This information surfaced when we received a roadmap for Wo Long, which indicated a forthcoming partnership with the world of Lies of P.

Lies Of P Roadmap Details And More Wo long confirmed and more
A collaboration between Wo Long and Lies of P has been confirmed, so we'll likely get more news on what this means for Lies of P via its roadmap. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

We've dedicated an entire article to dissecting this collaboration, so be sure to check it out. In essence, we anticipate that the crossover will involve iconic Lies of P weapons and apparel being featured in Wo Long. However, the specifics of what this means for Lies of P remain uncertain. Will the crossover work both ways? Could Wo Long weapons or gear potentially make their way into Lies of P? We don't have the answers yet, but we will likely receive news about this crossover within the Lies of P roadmap when it becomes available.

Lies of P could also introduce events that include new bosses, areas, or even PvP (Player vs. Player) content, and these might be announced in the roadmap. However, since this is speculative information, it should be taken with a degree of caution.

Ultimately, while we are currently in the dark regarding a Lies of P roadmap, we are committed to updating this article as soon as one is officially announced. Therefore, please be sure to check back here for updates shortly.