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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2023 Roadmap Reveals Lies of P Collab, & More

Team Ninja reveals Wo Long Fallen Dynasty's 2023 roadmap, including details on a Lies of P collab.
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2023 Roadmap Reveals Lies of P Collab, & More
Team Ninja

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is receiving a surprising collab DLC with another upcoming souls-like title Lies of P later this year. In addition to this, Team Ninja has also revealed the game's entire roadmap for the second half of 2023. 

The studio's latest soulsborne adventure, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty released earlier this year to a mostly positive reception. In our review, we called it "a top-notch time-efficient action RPG with exhilarating combat and vibrant cinematic sequences." 

Since its release, the studio has continued to update the game with more content and make quality-of-life changes that were notably absent in the base game's launch. Since then, Team Ninja has launched the first of the three major DLC expansions, "Battle of Zhongyuan," in June 2023, which added new story missions, weapons, armor, Divine Beasts, and more. There's a lot more coming to Wo Long in the next few months, and here's a breakdown of everything you can expect in Team Ninja's latest. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2023 Roadmap - Everything You Need to Know

wo long lies of p collab
Team Ninja has announced a Lies of P collaboration in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

First up is the free update coming in August, which includes Boss Rush Part 2, some balance adjustments, and more. If you didn't know, Boss Rush is a mode where you face multiple bosses in a row. It's the true test of your builds and skills in the end game, and now we know there's a part 2 on the horizon.

In September, Team Ninja is dropping Wo Long's second paid expansion, aka Volume 2 called, "Conqueror of Jiangdong." Not much is known about this expansion as of this writing, but it should be similar in size and scope to the Volume 1 Battle of Zhongyuan expansion. Expect new missions, weapons, armor, Divine Beast, and more. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty x Lies of P

The Lies of P collab is also scheduled for September, with a free update all set to drop sometime in the month. This collab could be similar in scope to the Naraka: Blade Point collab that happened earlier this year. As such, you may expect new Lies of P-themed armor sets and weapons. 

In September, Team Ninja is also adding a new Wizardry Spell for you to use alongside another balance adjustment patch. A similar patch is also arriving sometime in October. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty x Nioh

There's another free collab coming in November with Team Ninja's other big soulsborne franchise, "Nioh." No more details have been revealed as of yet, but you could expect Nioh 1 & 2-themed armor sets. In addition to this, another balance adjustment patch will be coming to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in November. 

In December, the third and final paid expansion, called "Upheaval in Jingxiang," will arrive, bringing new story missions, weapons, armor, and more. After this, there will be one last free update that adds another wizardry spell and makes a multitude of balance adjustments to the game. 

The 2023 roadmap plans out all of the upcoming content for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. (Picture: Team Ninja)

And that's the entire Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty roadmap for 2023. Team Ninja hasn't confirmed yet if there will be more updates in 2024, but it seems highly unlikely, given that it's preparing to release another massive title, Rise of the Ronin, next year. 

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