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Lies of P Soft Cap Levels Explained

Avoid spending your Ergo in vain as we discuss how the soft level cap works in Lies of P and how you can avoid it.
Lies of P Soft Cap Levels Explained
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As you progress through the City of Krat and enhance your character's strength via the level system, you may begin to notice a gradual reduction in the benefits of your Ergo investments. This occurs because, much like other Souls games, Lies of P incorporates a soft level cap into its leveling system, and it's essential to grasp how this works to ensure that you can optimize your use of Ergo when leveling up.

So in this guide, we will take you through a detailed explanation of how the soft-level cap system functions in Lies of P. Furthermore, we will delve into strategies for appropriately allocating and reallocating your character's levels as you approach the endgame phases of the game.

What are Soft Cap Levels in Lies of P?

As you advance through Lies of P and invest in Pinocchio's development, you'll notice the availability of various skills that can be upgraded to enhance your overall effectiveness in this world. However, if you allocate too many levels to a particular skill category, you'll experience a significant decrease in the number of points you gain for that stat, signaling that you've reached a Soft Cap. 

Lies Of P Soft Cap System Explained Details
The Soft Cap system significantly decreases the amount of points you get for one stat increase once the stat reaches level 60. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

In Lies of P, the highest level you can attain for an individual skill before this decline begins is Level 60. To elaborate further, reaching the Soft Cap dramatically reduces the number of skill points you receive for a specific option. 

For instance, if you invest all your points in Vitality, you typically gain an additional 3 to 5 HP with each level, making you resilient against damage. Yet, once you reach Level 60, you may only acquire an extra 1 HP per level, rendering this investment almost futile. To avoid this, it's advisable to distribute your points across various categories to ensure Pinocchio becomes a well-rounded character.

How To Avoid the Soft Cap in Lies of P

Now, in case you've already allocated too many points into a single category and are affected by the Soft Cap, you can refer to our guide on how to respec your character, which will enable you to redistribute some of those levels and even adjust your Legion Arms abilities, or your P-Organ stats, which can impact your strength as well. 

Lies Of P Soft Cap System Explained How TO avoid
To avoid the soft cap, we recommend a healthy distribution of skill points as you level up your character. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

Of course, the most effective way to prevent encountering the Soft Cap is to evenly distribute your points while leveling, even if a particular skill doesn't seem suited to your build. Maintaining a balanced distribution of points can prove beneficial in various situations you may encounter and can enhance the effectiveness of specific skills, weapons, or resistances to status ailments.

In conclusion, this provides a brief and concise overview of what the soft-level cap entails in Lies of P and how to avoid it during your playthrough. Of course, you can disregard this advice if you aim to create a specific character build and seek a challenge, but generally, a well-balanced Pinocchio character will serve you best.