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All Lies of P Status Effects Explained

Gain an edge during battle and avoid being afflicted by negative effects with our guide explaining how the status effects work in Lies of P.
All Lies of P Status Effects Explained
Neowiz Games

The combat mechanics within Lies of P provide players with a range of choices for inflicting damage and achieving victory in battles. Among these options, one frequently utilized feature is the inclusion of status effects. Although these effects are not obligatory, they can significantly impact the outcome of a battle, potentially transforming a prolonged struggle into a swift triumph.

In this guide, we will meticulously dissect and elucidate all the essential details concerning the status effects in Lies of P and how they can prove advantageous in the challenging battles that lie ahead. So, without further delay, let's delve right in.

What are the Status effects in Lies of P

Status effects represent adverse conditions in Lies of P that can be imposed on both adversaries and your character through the game's environment or weaponry. To illustrate, consider the Overheat status effect, which your character, Pinocchio, can contract via enemy attacks or environmental objects.

Lies Of P Status effects Explained Negative afflicitons
Status Effects are negative afflictions that can be applied to you or enemies in the game, and each has its own specific attribute in how you are negatively impacted. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Similarly, your character can also inflict these effects on foes using fire-based weapons or by employing items like Flame Abrasives or Flame Grindstones to imbue their weapons with the fire element.

For a comprehensive catalog of all the status effects featured in Lies of P, we recommend referring to the full list below to gain a thorough understanding of each effect and its respective consequences.

  • Overheat - Overheat occurs when Fire damage builds up. Both your character and the monsters will take increased Fire damage and receive continuous Fire Damage. In addition, monsters will experience slower natural HP recovery. Your Guard Regain amount will decrease. The higher your Fire Resistance, the slower the Overheat gauge's charge speed.
  • Electric Shock - Electric Shock occurs when Blitz damage builds up. Both your character and the monsters will take increased Electric Blitz and Physical Damage. Your character will receive continuous damage to your Fable Slots. Monsters will experience increased Stagger damage. The higher your Electric Blitz Resistance, the slower the Electric Shock gauge's charge speed.
  • Decay - Decay occurs when Acid damage builds up. For both your character and monsters, it increases the acid damage taken. It inflicts continuous Weapon Durability and Acid Damage on your character. It increases Destruction damage dealt to monsters. The higher your Acid Resistance, the slower the Decay gauge's charge speed.
  • Corruption - Corruption occurs when Corruption damage builds up. When the status effect triggers, your character's HP continuously drains.
  • Disruption - Disruption occurs when Disruption damage builds up. When the Disruption damage gauge fills up, your character will die.
  • Shock - When in Shock, your character's Stamina recovery immediately decreases.
  • Break - When in Break, your character's HP recovery through Pulse Cells immediately decreases.

It's worth noting that all these status effects can be negated by utilizing a Purification Ampule. In the absence of one, you can employ the more readily available Resistance Ampule to slow down the accumulation of any status effect gauge.

How To Afflict Status Effects in Lies of P

As previously mentioned, players have two means of inflicting status effects. The first is through the utilization of items such as Grindstones, Abrasives, or throwable items like Fire or Blitz canisters. The second method involves weapons that inherently possess elemental properties, such as the Salamander Dagger, which is a potent Fire weapon capable of inducing the Overheat Effect with just a few strikes.

Lies Of P Status effects Explained Using it in battle
To apply a Status Effect on an enemy, players can either use a throwable item to inflict the effect, or a weapon that can also inflict it, but that would only be after a certain amount of damage is dealt. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

And there you have it, a brief yet comprehensive overview of status effects and their utilization in Lies of P. It's advisable to experiment with these elements and effects against various enemies since some may be more vulnerable to specific effects than others, for instance, the powerful boss Kings Flame Fuoco is a fire-based boss that is weak to the Electric Shoc effect, so exploring these options can potentially ease your journey through the game.