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Lies Of P Toma Quest: Where To Find Murphy, Faded Whistle Location & Rewards

This guide walks you through Toma's quest in Lies of P that takes place in the Elysion Blolevard area of Krat.
Lies Of P Toma Quest: Where To Find Murphy, Faded Whistle Location & Rewards
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When you reach the Elysion Boulevard location in Lies of P in search of your father and creator, Gepetto, you meet two unique NPCs: the weeping woman who lost her child and wants you to find her, and Toma, whose missing Murphy, the policemen. 

Toma's quest in Lies of P doesn't come as a request or any such thing. In fact, when you exhaust his dialogues, you will notice he is plagued with the petrification disease and would like to meet Murphy, who makes him feel better. 

To help you complete Toma's quest, we have a complete walkthrough guide detailing how to trigger and complete Toma's quest in Lies of P. 

How To Get Toma's Quest In Lies Of P

Toma Location Lies of P
You can find Toma in Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

You can trigger Toma's quest in Lies of P by exhausting his dialogue options. Once you do that, the quest to find Murphy will become active.

Now, where can you find Toma? To find him, first, teleport to the "Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer." Once you are there, take the front door and head to the path on the right side. 

Keep moving and stick to the right side; you will find a ladder leading to the streets. Take it, and as soon as you reach the ground, go near the lighted window in front of the ladder. There, you will find Toma, with whom you can talk to take on his quest. 

Where To Find Murphy In Lies Of P

Lies of P
Murphy being the Scrapped Watchmen is our speculation based on the doll he drops upon defeat, the boss's appearance and other such things. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

You can find Murphy in the Krat City Hall Courtyard as the Scrapped Watchmen boss, not as an NPC. When you defeat him, you will obtain the "Small Wooden Officer Puppet," which gives you a little backstory on Murphy. 

Now that you have killed Murphy, how will you progress Toma's quest? Well! You never needed Murphy to complete Toma's quest. All you need is the "Faded Whistle" he used while patrolling the streets. 

Lies Of P Faded Whistle Location

Lies of P Faded Whistle Location
The Faded Whistle is on the stone bench. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

The Faded Whistle is on the bench in the Scrapped Watchmen boss arena. Go near the bench as marked in the above screenshot and interact with it to obtain the said item. 

How To Complete Toma's Quest In Lies Of P

Using Faded Whistle
You can use the Faded Whistle from the Collections menu of the your Bag. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

To complete Toma's quest in Lies of P,  head back to Toma's Location after obtaining the Faded Whistle. Once there, open your 'Bag' and head to the 'Collectible' tab. 

There, you will find the Faded Whistle that you can use to play it. When you do that, Toma will remember the tone and think of you as Murphy, completing the quest and rewarding you with a "Radiant Ergo Fragment."

A few seconds later, you will find that Toma has succumbed to the petrification disease and now is dead, with you fulfilling his last request by playing Murphy's Faded Whistle.

That concludes our guide on how to get and complete Toma's quest in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P section.