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Lies of P Weapon Assembly: How Does it Work?

Experiment with your weapons and create your own unique arms by using our guide on how the Weapon Assembly system works in Lies of P.
Lies of P Weapon Assembly: How Does it Work?
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To navigate the expansive city of Krat effectively, players must utilize their full range of skills and available weaponry. However, in Lies of P, the weapons aren't just static objects that can be upgraded. The game distinguishes itself from the SoulsBorne series by taking inspiration from a novel weapon system known as Weapon Assembly.

This feature not only adds an enjoyable element to the gameplay but also provides a rich and diverse approach to wielding and customizing weapons to suit your playstyle and preferences. If you're eager to learn more about this system, continue reading, as we'll elaborate on everything you need to understand regarding the Weapon Assembly system in Lies of P.

How Does Weapon Assembly Work in Lies of P? 

Before delving into the mechanics of the Weapon Assembly system in Lies of P, it's essential to understand how weapons function within the game. In simple terms, weapons consist of two main components: their blade and their handle. The blade of a weapon governs its attack and guard attributes, attack style, and primary Fable Art that can be employed during combat. Conversely, the handle dictates the weapon's set of moves, stat scaling, and secondary Fable Art.

Lies Of P Weapon Assembly System How It Works Splitting weapons into parts and assembling them,
The Weapon Assembly System allows players to split weapons up into their blades and handles, and swap them out for the ones from other weapons at any time. (Picture: YouTube / MKIceAndFire)

Here's where the Weapon Assembly system comes into play. Through this feature, players have the freedom to interchange handles and blades on their weapons, selecting from a wide range of options. By combining the most advantageous aspects of various weapons and tailoring them to a specific playstyle, the possibilities become virtually limitless. 

A crucial point to keep in mind about this feature is that the move set your weapon employs will consistently be determined by the handle you have equipped. For instance, you can create a distinct thrusting greatsword style by combining the blade of the Greatsword of Fate with the handle of the Wintry Rapier, and this represents just one illustration of the numerous possibilities available. As you collect additional weapons during your journey, your options for customization become increasingly varied. This flexibility enables you to keep a preferred handle while incorporating the blade from a recently acquired weapon.

Lies Of P Weapon Assembly System How It Works Flexibility and experimentation
This system gives players the flexibility to experiment with different weapon variations that number into the hundreds. (Picture: YouTube / MKIceAndFire)

However, it's crucial to exercise discernment when selecting your weapons, as investing time and effort into leveling a specific weapon configuration can be time-consuming. Starting anew with a base-level blade when your handle is already at +3 can prove to be a lengthy process. Fortunately, the game's enemies are not overly stingy with providing Ergo, which eases the farming process.

How To Use the Weapon Assembly System in Lies of P

To unlock the Weapon Assembly tool in Lies of P, players must locate Geppetto. This milestone is reached in the game's progression after defeating the Parade Master, gaining entry to Hotel Krat, and ultimately overcoming the Mad Donkey boss. After vanquishing the Mad Donkey, you'll engage in a conversation with Geppetto, who will provide you with the Enigma Assembly Tool. 

Lies Of P Weapon Assembly System How It Works How to unlock
To unlock the Weapon Assembly system, players will need to reach the point in the game where they find and rescue Geppetto. (Picture: YouTube / MKIceAndFire)

This tool grants you the ability to construct weapons either through the Stargazers scattered across the game world or by speaking to Eugéniein Hotel Krat. Fortunately, there is no cost associated with disassembling and assembling weapons. However, it's important to note that you can't do this on the fly. So, if you happen to be between encounters with Stargazers, you'll be stuck with the weapon you currently possess. 

Thankfully, this intricate and distinctive weapon system offers you the freedom and motivation to experiment with various weapon components, enabling you to craft the most effective tools for combating the malevolent entities roaming the city of Krat in your quest to eradicate them.