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Light No Fire Release Date Speculation, News, & Gameplay

Here is everything we know about Light No Fire, the newest game by the developers of No Man's Sky.
Light No Fire Release Date Speculation, News, & Gameplay
Hello Games

Looking for the latest information about Light No Fire? Then look no further than this guide! Developed by Hello Games, the creators of No Man's Sky, this newest upcoming title is about adventure, building, and survival.

On this page, we will review everything there is to know about Light No Fire. That includes speculation on the game's release date, gameplay, narrative, multiplayer, and so much more. Consider bookmarking this page to stay clued in with the latest updates!

Latest Light No Fire News And Leaks

Here, we will update this page with the latest news and updates about Light No Fire. If there are any leaks, we will also put that information here.

December 8, 2023 - Light No Fire Announced at The Game Awards 2023. Check out the first trailer!

What Is The Light No Fire Release Date Speculation?

Light No Fire Release Date
We will hopefully Light No Fire sooner rather than later. (Picture: Hello Games)

Unfortunately, no release date was announced for Light No Fire during The Game Awards 2023. But that won't stop us from making an educated guess. Below is a table for when Hello Games announced and launched No Man's Sky.

We will use this to speculate when we should expect Light No Fire.

Game Announcement Date Actual Release Date
No Man's Sky December 7, 2013 (approx.) August 9, 2016

Note: This is pure speculation, but we believe that Light No Fire should launch on February 7, 2025. This is optimistic, but we think that after No Man's Sky launched, Hello Games has matured in its development.

We hope that (at the very least) they took the lessons of what went wrong with No Man's Sky, and the game is much closer to being finished than we expected. Since no release year was announced, 2025 seems the most likely year for this game.

What RPG Elements Are There In Light No Fire?

From what has been noted by people who have seen Light No Fire behind the scenes, it seems that the game will be similar to No Man's Sky but on a single planet. These insiders claim that the game is as big as an actual-sized planet, which is a very bold claim.

From what we saw in the trailer, it seems like we will be able to build our own camps and take on missions given by NPCs. The details are a bit murky, but fans of No Man's Sky should get excited about Light No Fire.

Can You Ride Animals In Light No Fire?

Light No Fire Animal Riding
There will be a lot of animal riding in Light No Fire. (Picture: Hello Games)

From what we have seen in the Light No Fire trailer, there will be a lot of animal riding in the game. That appears to be the main form of traveling in this game. From the trailer, here are some of the animals we noticed that players can ride in the game:

  • Deer
  • Dragons (multiple kinds)
  • Giant Sparrows
  • Giant Hummingbirds
  • Horses with horns

Will Light No Fire Be Multiplayer?

Yes, Light No Fire will be a multiplayer game. One of the main points hammered in during the trailer and announcement was that this is a multiplayer game that players can enjoy together.

On top of that, players can run into other players during their adventures, similar to an MMO. That said, a solo experience like No Man's Sky is also possible.

Does Light No Fire Feature Procedural Generation?

Yes, Light No Fire is procedurally generated. Procedural generation is something that Hello Games will not stray away from. We imagine this will work similarly to No Man's Sky with how it interacts with multiple players.

What Is Light No Fire Gameplay?

Light No Fire Gameplay
Players will be able to build their own villages in Light No Fire. (Picture: Hello Games)

From what we understand, a couple of gameplay elements will be available in Light No Fire. First, players will experience combat using swords, bows and arrows, and other similar weapons—no advanced weapons! After all, the game is based on a fantasy world rather than a futuristic one.

Although it was not explicitly shown, we think that players will have a storyline to complete. One of the main points the developers talked about was how this game brings the depth of a role-playing game to the freedom of a survival sandbox. So, we speculate that there is some story on top of the ability to build a home base.

What Are Light No Fire's Launch Platforms?

Light No Fire is confirmed to be launching for Steam. In fact, there is already a store page where players can wishlist the game if they so desire. No other platforms have been confirmed, but we fully expect the game to come out for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. It's still unclear if a Nintendo Switch release is on the cards.

Light No Fire PC Specs Speculation

Light No Fire Platforms
Light No Fire will very likely be available on multiple platforms. (Picture: Hello Games)

Below is what we expect the minimum specs players will need to run Light No Fire on their PC if they want to buy the game on Steam:

  • OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
  • Storage: 25 GB available space

These specs are based on the recommended specs for No Man's Sky. We do not imagine that Light No Fire will require that much of an upgrade compared to No Man's Sky. Once we know more, we will update this section accordingly.

If you did not see it, check out the trailer for Light No Fire down below! This is the first trailer revealed during The Game Awards 2023.

That is everything we know so far about Light No Fire! From the release date speculation to the gameplay and so much more. Once we know more, we will update this page accordingly to reflect those details.