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Furious Madden 22 players launch petition over "terrible" game

Frustration and disappointment have overtaken a part of the Madden community as they have experienced multiple issues playing the game.
Furious Madden 22 players launch petition over "terrible" game

Every game has issues at launch but for those that finally got their hands on Madden 22, it's been one bad year too many with those playing in the week since the game's launch brandishing the game "unplayable" in its current state.

From the "loss glitch" that has been afflicting the Franchise mode or the recurrent highlights of "invincible" ball carriers have become the last drop the have players losing their patience.

This obviously has a section of the Madden community upset to a degree that a petition to have the NFL and its licenses taken away from EA and handed to another developer has become a lightning rod for the community.

Players have experienced difficulties with Madden 22 that led to vociferous rants

Reddit Rant about Madden 22
Errors while playing Madden 22 have cornered players to look at every last resource for a solution. (Picture: Reddit u/SchnarfySchmeow)

The community is angry, you can agree with them or not, yet they have been very vocal for the last couple of years regarding their expectations for Madden and even proposing additions and solutions.

Whenever they aren´t met they also have been very active to express themselves through various digital channels like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

This time they are trying to take a step further and look for the NFL (the co-owners of game rights) to look for other options and bring in some competition for EA Sports like 2K, provoking a clash would hopefully improve the quality of the offering.

Change.org logo
A group of the community have even created a change.org petition to have another publisher compete with EA Sports and Madden franchise. (Picture: change.org)

They used the well-known change.org platform to create this petition that so far has gathered over three thousand signatures with a goal of 5K in mind before then looking for some media coverage.

Although it sounds far fetched, we cannot rule out how much inertia this could gather and what could be the result of it, but as of now, it doesn´t seem to catch the attention of EA.

We will stay attentive to how this story unfolds in the next couple of weeks but hopefully, Madden starts picking up the slack and we continue to enjoy a game many of us loves.

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