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How to make a possession catch in Madden 22

Come down with the ball easily in Madden 22. Know how to make a possession catch in Madden 22
How to make a possession catch in Madden 22

There are a wide variety of catches players can use to their advantage in Madden 22

From the aggressive catch to a Run After Catch (RAC) catch, players have some options when the ball is thrown to their receiver. These are also used in conjunction with certain kinds of passes in Madden 22. 

Perhaps the most common kind of catch in Madden is the possession catch. Most of the time, players are simply worried about catching the ball and nothing else. The possession catch is perfect for that and there’s a simple way to perform it in Madden 22. 

Making a possession catch in Madden 22

Madden 22 how to possession catch
Catches are a vital part of Madden. (Picture: EA)

The first step to making a possession catch is calling a passing play. This play should involve receivers either going to the sideline or running routes over the middle of the field. Something like a comeback or slant route is perfect for this kind of catch. You can also call an audible for one of these routes if you see something in the defence pre-snap. 

Next, hone in on the receiver you want to throw to. Once they’ve run their route and you’ve thrown the ball, press the following buttons to make a possession catch: 

  • For Xbox: Press the receiver’s button and press 'A'

  • For PlayStation: Press the receiver’s button and press 'X'

Once you press 'A/X', your receiver will perform a possession catch, which essentially involves them trying to hold onto the ball above all else. 

The best time to use the possession catch in Madden 22

Madden 22 catch
Possession catches are situationally used. (Picture: EA)

There are really two times when you want to use a possession catch in Madden 22. The first situation is when your receiver is near the sideline and you want them to catch the ball while keeping their feet in bounds. A possession catch allows them to try and do this much better than a normal or RAC catch does. 

The other situation to use a possession catch is when you just want your receiver to fall to the ground after catching the ball. This is useful if a linebacker is right near your receiver’s catch radius and you don’t want your receiver getting hit after catching the ball. 


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