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Madden 22 Wildcard Wednesday Flashbacks III: Item list, auction outlook, more.

Looking in the past while finding gems for Madden 22 Ultimate Team has been a winning formula and it could be repeated after the third release of the Flashbacks program.
Madden 22 Wildcard Wednesday Flashbacks III: Item list, auction outlook, more.

It has been a fun ride in Madden 22 so far and as Halloween gets closer we get to combine fun item designs like Most Feared with the classic programs that we have enjoyed so far.

One of the most expected series has to be the Flashbacks, as it is always fun to remember games, players and performances that were eye-popping and deserve a virtual homage.

Now on their third release, the Flashbacks program continues to bring high-quality starters that could be the missing link that your team needed to become unstoppable.

Carson Wentz and AJ Green lead the way of the third release of the Flashbacks program in MUT

Madden 22 Flashbacks III items
DeSean Jackson, Kyle Van Noy and Justin Houston round up a very impressive group. (Picture: EA Sports)

Although we only got five brand new players, EA Sports did not spare on quality as we got a wide variety of key positions that could definitely make our team do the needed quality jump.

Those players included in this third release are listed as follow:

  • 91 OVR WR A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals
  • 90 OVR QB Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles
  • 90 OVR WR DeSean Jackson - Washington Football Team
  • 90 OVR LOLB Justin Houston - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 90 OVR ROLB Kyle Van Noy - New England Patriots
Madden 22 Flashbacks III Challenges
Complete each week’s Wildcard Wednesday challenges and get a themed Power Up item of your choice. (Picture: EA Sports)

As of right now, all of the items are going for more than 150,000 MUT coins with Van Noy being the cheapest (153,000 MUT coins) and the speedy wide receiver, DeSean Jackson being the most expensive (225,000 MUT coins).

Just like we often recommend you, wait a couple of days for the rush to get them to settle down a little bit so their prices become a tad more affordable.

We would like to particularly get a close look at Carson Wentz as he still possesses decent speed for a QB but with better passing ratings than Flashbacks Daniel Jones which could bode well for players who rather stay in the pocket and dissect a defence.


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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports and Getty Images.