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Madden 25 Franchise Mode features include Team Builder, Storylines, and Crossplay

We're finally learning about the new features coming to Madden 25 Franchise Mode, and it's one of their most significant leaps forward in years.
Madden 25 Franchise Mode features include Team Builder, Storylines, and Crossplay
EA Sports

With the first major news about Madden 25 new features and upgrades across multiple modes arriving, many eyes turned immediately towards Franchise Mode. Minimal upgrades have been overhyped for so many years that it's essentially become tradition among fans to except disappointment.

Now that core features missing for more than a decade are finally returning, there's cautious optimism that Madden 25 could bring the Franchise upgrade fans have prayed for. We've got more details here about all the Madden 25 Franchise Mode new features that have been confirmed.

Madden 25 Franchise Mode New Features

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At a glance, the teaser for a Franchise Revamp shared by EA Sports on Twitter felt players were due for yet another lackluster year. The first Gridiron Notes blog of the year, along with additional details from a handful of journalists who attended an in-person preview recently in Orlando, have now confirmed that a true revamp is finally on the way.

Perhaps the most exciting news for many fans will be the return of a feature missing since Madden 12 as there will finally be a way to create custom teams in Madden 25 Franchise Mode. This is definitely thanks in large part to the development of EA Sports College Football 25 and their focus on Dynasty Mode (that game's Franchise Mode equivalent), because Madden 25 will be implementing the exact same Team Builder tech.

Team Builder revives Custom Teams

A new Team Builder website will go live this summer where players can can upload their own custom logos and personalize the team's uniforms, helmets, and field. On top of that, the new Team Builder site will come with a built-in community sharing ecosystem as creations can be uploaded and downloaded by other players. The ability to create custom teams was last seen in Madden 12, and it got replaced by a relocation mechanic in Madden 15 that went almost unchanged for years.

NFL Draft Night featuring Roger Goodell

That's right, the most hated man in football is coming to Madden 25. The draft experience got reworked in the last few years, but they're now going further with additional cutscenes and Roger Goodell himself announcing picks. They're also putting drafted players into suits instead of "their weird football uniform that they did last year," said developer Josh Looman.

New Storylines Mechanic

Franchise Mode in Madden 25 is also receiving an apparently extensive storylines feature with branching options that will impact things both week to week and across multiple seasons. Examples shared so far include resting players, someone showing up to training camp out of shape, targeting weaknesses in opposing teams, starting early on offseason prep, trade requests, and more. We'll hopefully get a proper Franchise deep dive soon that showcases exactly how these will appear and impact a Franchise save.

Female Coaches, Crossplay, AI Upgrades

Finally, we've got a smattering of improvements across the rest of Franchise Mode. They're adding female models to Create A Coach for the first time, and the Franchise crossplay feature tested last year will be in Madden 25 at launch. EA Sports also touted upgrades to team roster AI in free agency and during the draft, better player progression logic, and improvements for tracking team and rookie records. For the first time in years, Franchise Mode looks poised to take a major leap forward in Madden 25.