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NHL 24 Trial Gives EA Play Subscribers 10 Free Hours

EA Play subscribers can dive into the NHL 24 trial to see just how good this year's game might be.
NHL 24 Trial Gives EA Play Subscribers 10 Free Hours

As the hockey season prepares to get rolling, players looking to take advantage of the NHL 24 trial offered by EA Play can give the latest gameplay improvements a chance to impress. Whether you're looking to see if a hockey game is right for you or just want to see how it plays, the NHL 24 trial is the perfect opportunity for players.

Of course, like all other EA Play trials it comes with a few requirements and a limited window. We've got all the details you need here to snag the NHL 24 trial before you take the leap and buy the latest installment from this longstanding franchise.

NHL 24 Trial available now for EA Play subscribers

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With regular annual releases by EA Sports, nothing quite compares to trying the game out for yourself. As exciting as new features can be, the NHL 24 trial is by far the best way to know if investing in the game will be worthwhile.

Like all EA Play trials, the NHL 24 trial is exclusive to EA Play subscribers. Fortunately, EA Play is included in all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions as well. All you have to do is search for the game with an active subscription on your console, and you can download the temporary trial.

You will have completely and total access to all the various modes in NHL 24, so there's nothing holding you back from trying things out and deciding where you might get the most fun out of the game. However, you won't be able to play forever as the NHL 24 trial has just a 10-hour time limit.

If you do download the game to test it out, make sure that you've closed the app completely and restart your console when you're done playing it. In the past, EA Play trials have had a tendency to keep the timer ticking if you leave a game running in the background.

If you want an idea of where to start, check out our NHL 24 Be A Pro guide. The single player career mode is a perfect place for new players to begin. You can also check out our NHL 24 review to see exactly where the new arrival shines.