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Madden 25 trailer shows off updated gameplay, multiple new features

The official reveal trailer for Madden 25 has multiple gameplay upgrades in the spotlight.
Madden 25 trailer shows off updated gameplay, multiple new features
EA Sports

We've gotten small teasers of what's to come in Madden 25 alongside some of the latest EA Sports College Football 25 reveals, but now it's time for the pros to step into the spotlight. The official Madden 25 reveal trailer has arrived, and their charmingly named BOOM Tech upgrade aims to make gameplay more dynamic than it has been in years. For those who were watching closely, there were also tiny glimpses and several new features coming to Madden 25.

Watch New Gameplay in the Madden 25 Reveal Trailer

We're still a little less than two months out from the Madden 25 release date, and that means deep dives and additional trailers will only continue to pick up in the coming weeks. One of the biggest complaints about Madden for several years has been the reliance on an animation system that players felt got too predictable.

Developers have been working for the last several years to completely revamp the animation and physics system, and the next big leap is finally ready. In case one slipped by you, here are all the new features highlighted in the Madden 25 reveal trailer:

  • Authentic, Data-Driven Impacts - Physics-Based Tackling
  • Dominate The Trenches - AI Blocking Logic
  • Control Every Grab - New Catch Mechanics
  • Highlight Reel Control - Branching Animation Combos
  • Fight For Every Inch - Improved Contextual Reactions
  • True-To-Life Player Behaviors - New Signature Animations
  • Deeper NFL Immersion - Franchise Mode Recharged
  • Fresh Presentation - Authentic Rookie Headscans
  • More Plays. More Strategies. - Dynamic New Playbooks
  • Master The New Formation - New Kickoff Rules
  • Flex On 'Em - New Group Celebrations
  • More Ways To Play - New Mini-Games
  • Rebuilt Atmosphere - Updated Stadiums
  • User Multiple Defenders - New Switch Stick
  • Control Your Receivers - Hot Route Updates
  • Win Your Way To The Top - Online Head-To-Head Leaderboards
  • Diguise Your Defense - Coverage Shell Improvements
  • Custom Route Depths - Custom Pre-Play Stems

Many of these features were mentioned in the inaugural Madden 25 Gridiron Notes release, but now the trailer has shown them in action. We don't know yet when the first deep dive trailer or preview will arrive, but it's looking like Madden 25 gameplay might have finally found that balanced sweet spot that slipped away several years ago.