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All Marvel Rivals Hero Classes Explained

With 19 characters available for the Closed Alpha Test, each hero and villain will be categorized into one of three hero classes in Marvel Rivals.
All Marvel Rivals Hero Classes Explained
(Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test is still underway globally as players continue to explore the game's available content and unique playable characters to explore. Each character possesses a varied combat kit, including attacks and abilities that suit their lore, personality, and style but also fit into one of the three hero classes.

As of this writing, NetEase Games has devised three hero classes, to which each character has been assigned and has unique roles to fulfill when drafted to a team. We've dug deeper into the combat gameplay of Marvel Rivals by discussing the hero classes, how each functions, and some of the playable characters for each class.

What Are The Hero Classes & How They Work In Marvel Rivals? 

Marvel Rivals is positioned to be the ultimate gaming showcase of the best and most iconic Marvel superheroes and villains, with a couple currently available to experience during the Closed Alpha Test. With more characters available at the game's launch, which has yet to be announced, each playable character will be categorized into one of three hero classes: Duelist, Strategist, and Vanguard.

Marvel Rivals currently features three unique hero classes, namely Duelist, Strategist, and Vanguard. (Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

As discussed in the Developer Talk post on Designing Superheroes, "to distill all that Marvel magic into playable characters that not only do justice to the originals but also deliver heart-pounding, joy-inducing gameplay that'll leave our players wanting more." This includes researching every hero and villain's comic lore, distilling "their core essence" before blending gameplay, and finding the class that best fits their abilities, personality, mechanics, and style that sets them apart from other characters of their class.

While it's unconfirmed if there will be more hero classes added to Marvel Rivals, for now, the game features the three classes as we'll dive deeper into each class. Duelist is one of the more widely attributed classes in Marvel Rivals, with more than half of the playable roster being assigned as Duelist, as it's considered the DPS class in the game signified with a fist icon.

Duelists unleash attacks against enemies using unique attacks, allowing them to inflict more damage. This does come with the drawback of them being "glass cannons," a powerful offensive unit that can't take much damage as they don't have much HP.

Some of the characters classed as Duelists include Black Panther, Hela, Magik, and the Scarlet Witch. The Strategist, denoted by a plus symbol in their icon, is the support role that comes in various forms, from healing to granting buffs in Marvel Rivals.

As a Strategist, Loki has one unique ability that allows him to summon illusions which can also cast his own abilities. (Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

Strategists can provide individual and team support, whether grating them healing, creating illusions and traps, or boosting various perks like movements and damage. Loki, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon are a few of the game's known Strategists available to play during the Closed Alpha Test and eventually at launch.

Lastly, we have the Vanguard, which, as expected, is the Tank role in Marvel Rivals, signified by the shield symbol in their icon. Playable characters classed as Vanguards rely on their physical strength and size to overwhelm their opponents with heavy attacks that can weaken their offensive strategies.

Likewise, some Vanguards have defensive abilities to shield their teammates against incoming damage, subdue these attacks, take less damage, or use a shield or blocking attack against them. Doctor Strange, Groot, Magneto, and Peni Parker are some characters that fit this specific hero class in Marvel Rivals.

Currently, we know of 19 characters and three hero classes featured in Marvel Rivals, and who's to say there will be more joining their ranks? For now, this is what we know of the game's hero classes as this is subject to change as more Closed Alpha Tests are being planned in the future.