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D23 Expo Unveils Upcoming Captain America & Black Panther Game

Disney has announced a new Marvel action-adventure game led by Amy Hennig, focused on Captain America and Black Panther during WW2.
D23 Expo Unveils Upcoming Captain America & Black Panther Game

Disney & Marvel Games Showcase (D23 Expo 2022) unveiled various games across franchises like Star Wars and X-Men. With the recently debuted Disney Dreamlight and Lego Star Wars, fans couldn’t be happier with fresh games, events, or updates coming soon. One highlight at the D23 Expo with fans at the edge of their seats is the newly-announced AAA game featuring Captain America and Black Panther.

Revealed at D23 Expo 2022, this still-untitled game is being developed by Skydance New Media and led by Amy Hennig, the mind behind the outstanding series, The Uncharted. Hennig’s brilliance is enough to turn heads, leaving fans giddy, knowing an epic Marvel game might be coming soon or possibly in the next few years. For now, a simple trailer supports the announcement, but no game title has been shared yet.

Untitled Captain America & Black Panther Game Announced

disney marvel action adventure game captain america black panther
Disney has announced a new Marvel action-adventure game about Captain America and Black Panther.

One reason fans are adamant and enthusiastic about playing this upcoming game is Hennig’s involvement in the game. The BAFTA game award-winning director has led and developed one of the greatest action-adventure game franchises in history. So, naturally, it’s a huge treat knowing Hennig might be bringing another great game to the table, but for Marvel fans.

Although no title has been revealed for the game, it supposedly focuses on Marvel’s World War 2 event when the antagonistic military terrorist organization, Hydra, grew rampant and sought to control the world. 

The game will be a story-driven action-adventure game focused on four heroes: young Captain America, Wakandan King Azzuri as Black Panther, Wakandan Queen and founder of the Wakandan Spy Network, Nanali, and Gabriel Jones, who’s a member of the Howling Commandos.

main antagaonist untitled game hydra
It seems the main antagonist for this untitled game is Hydra.

Although there hasn’t been much information about gameplay, direction, or what fans can expect, the unnamed Marvel game won’t feature co-op. Presumably, the game will focus on defeating Hydra’s forces and taking down the main antagonist during World War 2 in Marvel, Red Skull, through a more single-player gameplay style.

But until Skydance New Media or Disney officially announces or reveals information, fans will have to keep an eye out for more details. Right now, all fans can do is look forward to the game’s production as Hennig develops another great game alongside Disney.

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All featured images are courtesy of Skydance New Media.