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Marvel’s Avengers trailer reveals Kate Bishop will be the first DLC character

Although Hawkeye is confirmed to be the first hero joining the Avengers’ roster, Clint Barton isn’t the only name to wear the mantle…
Marvel’s Avengers trailer reveals Kate Bishop will be the first DLC character

In a new trailer revealed by Square Enix, fans finally get a look at the first DLC character to come to the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. Although the first additional hero was confirmed to be Hawkeye, it turns out that Kate Bishop will actually be our favourite bow-wielder for the moment. Rest assured though, Clint has a part to play in all this.

According to the trailer above, the Kate Bishop trailer will bring not one, but two Hawkeyes into the mix, alongside brand new story content. In Kate’s story, the archer will team up with other Avengers members to search for the missing Clint Barton. When she finds him, however, it appears that Barton has made a deal with AIM themselves, and she is forced to disobey orders to help get him back.

Marvel Avenger DLC Kate Bishop
(Picture: Square Enix)

Although fans might be disappointed to learn that their first two DLC characters are both Hawkeye, it’s worth noting that the two heroes appear to play rather differently. Of course, both are sure to be primarily archer characters, but each brings unique elements to the table. 

Marvel Avengers DLC trailer Hawkeye
(Picture: Square Enix)

In his reveal trailer, Clint Barton is clearly capable of fighting at a close range like his Avengers: Endgame counterpart. Kate Bishop, on the other hand, is able to disappear and reappear in the form of a mid-combat teleport, and that’s sure to not be the only trick the Avenger has up her sleeve.

The upcoming Operation, Taking Aim, will launch only a month after the game’s initial release. According to a blog published by Square Enix, the DLC will drop in late October. The latter half of the Hawkeye DLC, starring a playable Clint Barton, will then launch in November and perhaps finish off the story that began with Kate Bishop’s side of events.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on 4th September, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.