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How To Find & Unlock Blood Gates In Marvel's Midnight Suns

The Abbey holds its secrets behind Blood Gates, located on the Abbey grounds. Here's how to find and unlock them in Midnight Suns.
How To Find & Unlock Blood Gates In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns feature a plethora of puzzles, exploration challenges, and trials that Hunters can participate in to acquire various items and skills. One of these exploration challenges is Blood Gates, which can be found through the grounds of the Abbey but will require you to reach certain checkpoints within the game’s main story.

While Agatha Harkness will be your guide to finding these Blood Gates and the challenges beyond its doors, we’ve outlined the locations for all Blood Gates and how to unlock them in Midnight Suns.

How To Find Blood Gates In Midnight Suns?

Blood Gates are actively connected to Words of Power and Moon Seals, which the Hunter can acquire beyond the gate’s doors. What makes the Blood Gates different from other notable puzzles is that it serves as the game’s trial challenge, which upon entering, you’ll need to complete the trial’s challenges.

These trials are known as the Trial of the Elder Gods, and you’ll encounter your first trial when triggering Agatha Harkness’ storyline. Once you’ve completed each trial, you’ll receive a Moon Seal and a Word of Power, for which you need four Words of Power to access most areas within the Abbey.

Below we’ve detailed where to find all four Blood Gates and which Trial of the Elder Gods are connected to each Blood Gate:

All Blood Gate Locations In Midnight Suns

midnight suns guide blood gates how to find first location open word of power
Locate the first Blood Gate and complete the Trial Mission Challenge to obtain the first Word of Power. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

The first Blood Gate can be unlocked once you’ve visited Agatha’s memorial and spoken to her spectral form. After that, she’ll take you to the first Blood Gate not far from her memorial, which leads you to the Trial of the Elder Gods: Oshtur Challenge Mission. Once completed, enter the cavern to obtain a Moon Seal used to receive the “Open” Word of Power.

The second Blood Gate comes after completing Agatha’s Altar puzzle. You'll need to collect Elemental Rods north of the Standing Stones. Interact with the gate to unlock the Trial of the Elder Gods: Atum Challenge Mission. After completing the challenge, enter the cavern to receive the “Reveal" Word of Power.

midnight suns guide blood gates how to find third location everflowing glade map agathas cottage
The third Blood Gate isn't far from Agatha's Cottage, located on the north side of the Abbey. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

The third Blood Gate location is at the Everflowing Glade area, which can only be accessed once progressing with the game’s main story. Complete the story mission with Doctor Strange to encounter Fallen Venom and assist Agatha in finding witch covens to open the northern part of the map and Agatha’s cottage.

As you can find one of the sets of glyphs inside Agatha’s cottage, the third Blood Gate is south of her cottage, and you can open the portal to the Trial of the Elder Gods: Hyypus Challenge Mission. Once the challenge mission is over, access Hyypus’ cavern to find a pillar which placing the Moon Seal grants you the “Purify” Word of Power.

midnight suns guide blood gates how to find fourth location liliths garden
Progress with the game's main story to access the northern part of the map, including Lilith's Garden. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

The fourth and final Blood Gate poses a more significant challenge behind its doors and is much more difficult to locate. You’ll need to progress Agatha’s storyline to unlock Lilith’s Garden and find Seal Fragments to reforge the Moon Seal, as the last Blood Gate is east of Lilith’s Statue at her garden.

Open the portal to the Trial of the Elder Gods: Set Challenge Mission and complete it to open the Elder God’s cavern. Once inside, explore the cavern and place the Moon Seal on the pillar to gain an Arcane Key and the “Break” Word of Power.

How To Unlock The Blood Gate In Midnight Suns?

midnight suns guide blood gates how to unlock agatha harkness storyline
One of the main requirements to discovering Blood Gates is to progress with the main story and a side storyline with Agatha Harkness. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

Luckily for the Hunter (and players), unlocking the Blood Gate doesn’t require much, as you’ll need to locate them first before interacting with each door. However, the main requirement to finding the Blood Gates is to progress with the main storyline and Agatha’s storyline, which will open up more regions to explore.

With these regions available to the Hunter, what’s needed is to locate them using the directions provided above and touch the Blood Seal to open a portal to a Trial of the Elder Gods Challenge Mission. Once the mission is cleared, it will open the respective God’s cavern, where you can find either a Moon Seal or a pillar to gain a Word of Power.

Additionally, you’ll need to complete various story missions and puzzles around the Abbey to acquire a Moon Seal. These Moon Seals can be placed atop a pillar where you can receive a Word of Power.

We want to thank the YouTube channel ZaFrostPet for their complete walkthrough of locating all Blood Gates in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.