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How To Complete Morbius' Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

It’s time to Morb' as the Living Vampire can earn a new suit and Legendary card by completing his Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
How To Complete Morbius' Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Fellow Suns, it's Morbin' time as the doctor himself, Michael Morbius, is seeking a bloodthirsty vengeance against the vampyres that have plagued the streets of New York City. Recruited by Blade after Hydra took over his lab, Morbius brings his vampiric abilities, which can be tried out by completing his Challenge Mission.

Titled "Late Night Snack," Morbius will be sinking his teeth into a few enemies in bloodlust revenge for his lab and research stolen from him. We've detailed how to complete Morbius' Challenge Mission and acquire a new ability in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Morbius' Late Night Snack Challenge Mission In Midnight Suns

Indeed it's Morbin' time as the Living Vampire, Dr. Michael Morbius, has some unfinished business to do while he's taken up temporary residence at the Abbey. This includes a Challenge Mission, "Late Night Snack," where you can try out his combat skills and acquire a new Legendary ability.

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions how to complete morbius late night snack hero team up
There's nothing wrong with a delicious "Late Night Snack" shared with the Midnight Suns, Morbius. (Picture: Twitter / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

As with previous Challenge Mission guides we've covered, players looking to participate in Morbius' "Late Night Snack" Challenge Mission must have done the Forged in Hellfire Research project before attempting to build up the Armory. You'll need to have a high Friendship or max it out with Morbius before it will automatically unlock, and you can complete it if you choose.

If you wish to accept the Challenge Mission, you'll have a primary objective that must be achieved before completing it. For this one specifically, you are tasked with eliminating all Whispers of Memory enemies and using the Undying Fury card to complete the Challenge MIssion.

Before starting, there are a few ground rules for these types of missions. Firstly, you will utilize a default deck, having an infinite amount of Card plays; however, you won't be able to redraw them.

Likewise, you won't be able to Morbius around the battle area, and should you run out of cards to play or the turn ends, you will fail the mission. Nevertheless, we've outlined the best steps to defeat the Whispers of Memory enemies to complete the "Late Night Snack" Challenge Mission:

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions how to complete morbius late night snack abilities claw
You'll use various skills, including the Claw attack, which inflicts enemies with a Bleed effect. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K)
  1. Four enemies, two on each side, will have cards to acquire and, therefore, will be the first targets of your following attacks.
  2. Use the Quick Claw card to target the third enemy (to your right) to gain the Claw card.
  3. Activate the Mist Form+ card to conceal Morbius and gain +5 damage on the next attack.
  4. Using the Claw card, attack the Whisper of Memory enemy to your right and acquire the Shadow Strike when KO'd
  5. Trigger the Bloodlust card and play the Shadow Strike card, linking the three remaining targets left, giving them all the Bleed effect.
  6. Play the Claw card on the enemy with the Shadow Strike card, which KO's them before using it on the other enemies.
  7. The enemy with the Feeding Frenzy card will be your following target by playing the Claw card and finishing the last enemy with the Feeding Frenzy card.
  8. With the final enemy remaining, play Claw and Undying Fury to complete the objective.

This completes Morbius' "Late Night Snack: Challenge Mission, where you can receive various rewards, including Credits, Gloss, a Legendary suit, and the card. This also completes the Bond of Blood Trophy/Achievement for completing Morbius' Challenge Mission.

And that completes this guide on completing Morbius' Challenge Mission in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and we want to thank the YouTube channel Akifini's Gaming for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.