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Best Deadpool Deck Build In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Learn how to master and break the fourth wall as Deadpool by utilizing his best abilities to build the ideal deck in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
Best Deadpool Deck Build In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Deadpool is one man on a mission to finally join Marvel's Midnight Suns, as players have clamored to bring this popular Marvel character to the fold. Boasting an array of unique combat skills and chimichangas, he also possesses one of the game's most powerful focused damage-dealing abilities in the game.

While Deadpool's abilities can be confusing to master in Midnight Suns, once you've understood how his cards function and the influence of the En Fuego meter, it's all smooth sailing straight to the Abbey. We've explored the best and most optimal deck for Deadpool in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

How To Build The Best Deadpool Deck In Midnight Suns

marvels midnight suns deck building guide deadpool combat set story mission a man of culture
You'll get a first-hand experience with Deadpool's unique combat skill during "A Man of Culture" Story Mission. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel’s Midnight Suns)

Before grabbing cards to put together a deck worthy of The Merc with a Mouth, one must understand Deadpool's unique combat skills. According to the official character profile, Deadpool's combat skills are centered around his En Fuego mechanic, a stacking ability that allows him to increase his power represented in a meter below his HP bar.

Functioning similarly to Captain Marvel's Binary and Ghost Rider's Souls meters, the En Fuego meter fills up every time Deadpool performs a knockout (KO) which he gains a stack. However, should he take damage, he'll lose, but we know he can take damage as much as inflicting it on others.

While this makes Deadpool such an effective, focused damage dealer, the En Fuego meter eventually stacks, allowing him to deal maximum damage for most of his cards. Additionally, some of his cards have a buff tied to the En Fuego meter, whether it be increased damage or extra buffs, so it would be wise to upgrade these when visiting The Yard.

marvels midnight suns deck building guide deadpool en fuego meter
As Deadpool's specialty is on damage dealing, most of his abilities are centered on the En Fuego meter. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel’s Midnight Suns)

Best Deadpool Deck In Midnight Suns

Based on this information, we've listed the most optimal deck for The Merc with a Mouth in Midnight Suns:

  • Quick Shot+ (Rare): A Quick attack can be chained if the enemy target is KO'd with a maximum of two targets. It deals 63% Offense damage, and Deadpool gains one Heroism point after it's played.
  • Spread the Love+ (Rare): A Chain attack that targets two enemy targets, dealing 63% Offense damage and gaining one Heroism point.
  • Boom, Headshot+ (Rare): This Attack Card deals 200% Offense damage when upgraded and gains one Heroism point.
  • Boom, Headshot+ (Rare): This Attack Card deals 200% Offense damage when upgraded and gains one Heroism point.
  • All Together Now+ (Common): A Skill Card allowing Deadpool to draw a card that the following ally ability KO's will add to the En Fuego meter and earn two Heroism points.
  • Hey #^*face!+ (Epic): This Skill Card taunts enemy targets for which he gains one Resist and two Heroism points once played.
  • Mag Dump+ (Rare): A Heroic Card that decreases Heroism cost by one point and deals 400% Offense damage which costs five Heroism to play the card.
  • Burning Sensation+ (Legendary): This Heroic Card doubles damage output plus 157 Offense damage and costs two Heroism to play the card.

It's worth mentioning that the Burning Sensation Heroic Card can be earned once you've completed Deadpool's Challenge Mission, Fourth Wall. Once you've completed the mission objectives, you'll earn the Legendary card, which you can include in the deck, but you can also add Pain Piñata+ in its place.

Deadpool has three Passive Abilities, En Fuego, Staying Alive, and Staying Alive II, for which we've explained the En Fuego ability. Staying Alive and its upgraded card, Staying Alive II, can be upgraded via the Friendship mechanic, which recovers health to Deadpool every turn.

While Staying Alive recovers 15% Health, Staying Alive II gives back 15% Health and a bonus of 5% Health for every En Fuego stack. Depending on your playstyle and, in this case, this specific build, we suggest using the Staying Alive II Passive Ability to bolster further Deadpool's attacks and cards that rely on the En Fuego meter.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Tony Bing Gaming for the complete tutorial on building the best Deadpool deck in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Please consider subscribing to the channel for more content.