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How To Find All Interrogation Records In Marvel's Midnight Suns

The history of the Salem Witch Trials is found in the Interrogation Records. Here's how to find them in Marvel's Midnight Suns.
How To Find All Interrogation Records In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns feature many items, including Reagents, Masterworks, and Journal Pages found in and around the Abbey. While some are used for crafting purposes or upgrades, others provide insight into the game's narrative and in-game lore surrounding the Abbey.

Perhaps the darkest collection is the Interrogation Records which includes information on six women suspected of witchcraft, and The Hunter can find them somewhere on the Grounds. We've listed all known locations where you can find them in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

All Interrogation Record Locations In Midnight Suns

marvels midnight suns collections guide interrogation records description martha richards
Each Interrogation Record provides a detailed description of events surrounding the suspected witch. (Picture: YouTube / Akifini’s Gaming)

Interrogation Records are another set of collectible items The Hunter can stumble across when exploring the Abbey Grounds in Marvel's Midnight Suns. These recorded documents are written accounts of persons accused of witchcraft during the 17th century, which explores a more grim side to the game’s narrative.

Finding and attaining all the Interrogation Records requires you to learn all the Words of Power as you will need to use them when encountering various obstacles. You’ll first experience it when exploring the Old Salem Cemetery, northwest of the Valley of the Winds area, where you can also find The Empress Tarot Card. Here are all six locations where you can find Interrogation Records in Midnight Suns:

  1. Martha Richards: Northwest of the Valley of the Winds, head past a church before making a right turn at the crossroads and then left at the folk to find the Old Salem Cemetery and the first Record on a stone tablet.
  2. Margaret Adams: At the Valley of the Winds, instead of going right after the church, go left and across the bridge before making the first left turn and left once again to find this Record on a pillar.
  3. Anne Stevens: Using the Break Word of Power to enter Gideon’s Cross from the constructed altar, keep heading north before spotting a stoned doorway ahead. Right before this, turn right before moving to your left, and within an alcove is the next Record.
  4. May Richards: Following the same route for locating The Emperor Tarot Card from Gideon’s Cross, go north towards Everflowing Glade by crossing the bridge and going right at the crossroads. Keep moving down and turn right before the bridge and go down until you see candles in the center of the path. Turn right here, and you’ll come to a dead end and the next Interrogation Record on an altar.
  5. Sarah Howe: Also at Gideon’s Cross, before reaching the constructed altar in the center, turn left down a pathway, and you’ll find this Interrogation Record within an alcove marked by a candle.
  6. Elizabeth Smith: This Interrogation Record can also be found at Gideon’s Cross; using the exact directions to find Sarah Howe’s Record, turn right by the alcove and follow the path before using the Break Word of Power. Enter this cavernous space and find the Interrogation Record on an altar.

Collecting each Interrogation Record will award you 10 Arcane Knowledge Points and an Arcane Key. Additionally, you’ll receive a Skull Helm Legendary Whole Head Prop, concluding this collectible mission.

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