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All Choices & Dialogue Options For Magik's Surprise Party In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Players must decide if they should tell Magik about the surprise birthday party, which we explore all options and outcomes in Midnight Suns.
All Choices & Dialogue Options For Magik's Surprise Party In Marvel's Midnight Suns

The Friendship feature is a unique mechanic that lets the Hunter spread their wings, becoming quite the social butterfly within the Midnight Suns. Akin to any life or dating simulation game, the Hunter must spend time with each member and their allies and increase the Friendship Level with each Hero to obtain various rewards.

The most significant way to boost Friendship levels is by completing the story and general missions with various Heroes, including Magik's Surprise Party, which has stumped players on options to choose from. We've outlined all the choices and dialogue options whether you reveal or hide details on Magik's Surprise Party in Midnight Suns.

Every Choice & Dialogue Option For Magik's Surprise Party In Midnight Suns

Illyana Rasputin/Magik is quite a private person during your first meeting with her; she has a birthday following the Crossbones story mission, "Some Assembly Acquired," as Nico Minoru begins planning the party. She sends you to complete various tasks, but it's on the second day that puts you in quite a dilemma.

Assisting Blade with the party decoration, he'll warn the Hunter that Magik isn't the biggest fan of surprises, not even birthday surprises, which telling Magik could upset Nico. The decision is left to the Hunter whether you should let her know, and we've provided all the choices and dialogue options for both cases.

Yes, Do Tell Magik About The Surprise Party

marvels midnight suns friendship guide magiks surprise birthday party do tell her
Request a private meeting with Magik to trigger the conversation regarding her surprise birthday party. (Picture: YouTube / ScereBro PSNU)

If you're planning on increasing your Friendship Level with Magik, as she's quite a hermit, this is the best option despite losing a few points with Nico. Request to speak with Magik in private, which triggers the conversation about the Surprise Birthday Party, informing her that Nico has been planning it and she'll ask you why you have told her about it.

  • Choice 1: "You deserve to know."
  • Choice 2: (Joke) "To make things more interesting."
  • Choice 3: "Secrets are bad for the team."

Regardless of which choice you pick, you'll gain a Friendship Level XP with Magik, except if picking the third choice, which we advise not choosing. Magik will "thank you" for revealing it to her before asking the Hunter how many people she invited, which she'll comment on how "small" the crowd it will be and that she'll "survive the party."

marvels midnight suns friendship guide magiks surprise birthday party do tell her thank you for revealing this to me
Magik will be indebted to the Hunter for their honesty in telling her about the surprise birthday party. (Picture: YouTube / ScereBro PSNU)

In the end, Nico brings Magik to the party as Magik sarcastically responds to the surprise party, which doesn't fair well with Nico and Magik. You'll learn that Magik doesn't like how overboard Nico went with the planning, blaming Nico before the cake before exiting the party through one of her portals in dramatic fashion.

Don't Tell Magik About The Surprise Party

marvels midnight suns friendship guide magiks surprise birthday party dont tell her
Opt not to let Magik know may come back to haunt the Hunter and Nico Minoru later in the game's story. (Picture: YouTube / ScereBro PSNU)

Considered the bad option if you want to be best buds with Magik, this will be triggered if you ignore telling her, and it will come back to haunt you and Nico later in the story. After surprising Magik and seeing her disapproval, speak with Nico and every person in attendance before speaking with Magik to cut the cake.

Nico, deeply regretting the surprise party, she'll let the Hunter know why she didn't think about it; this will provide you with three choices:

  • Choice 1: "It's not your fault."
  • Choice 2: "Blaming yourself helps no one."
  • Choice 3: "Yes, it's all your fault."

While the first choice prompts you to blame Nico for the fiasco, she understands this as she determines the best way to resolve the matter. At the same time, this produces three more choices on how to improve the situation, whether you check in with Magik or tell Nico to fix it herself.

Regardless of the option, Nico will use the Staff of One to enter Limbo, where you can proceed to talk with her. You can either ask Nico for advice on what to expect in Limbo or how you can return to the Abbey; you can speak with the other members before making your way to Limbo.

We want to thank the YouTube channel ScereBro PSNU for their complete walkthrough of all choices and dialogue options on Magik's Surprise Birthday Party in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.